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Portland. Emma has a tattoo of her own. It's a little flower. Did we see that last season? When Neal shows up, she smiles as she announces she has donuts. He's less happy as he hands her a wanted poster which features him (and which is how I know his last name is spelled Cassidy). He found it hanging in the Post Office. He was working as a janitor in Phoenix at a high-end jewelry shop. The manager was a drinker and would forget to lock the cases. Neal resisted twice, but the third time was a charm. He grabbed some watches and hopped a train to Portland. The watches are still in a storage locker at the train station. Emma says he got away clean, which clearly isn't the case because...WANTED POSTER. Neal says that while the manager was drunk, the security cameras were not. He's sorry, but Tallahassee is out. He's got to go to Canada -- alone. He can't risk having Emma with him if he gets caught. She insists he won't get caught. They just need fake IDs and passports. They can get the VIN off another car, and make the Bug legit. Emma, I want you to learn one thing for me. Please stop referring to VINs as VIN numbers. VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It's like calling an ATM an ATM machine. Get it? Good.

The couple argues a bit until smily Emma suggests that she can retrieve the watches. They can fence them and use the money to change their identities and move to Tallahassee. Neal: "You want to steal the watches to help me get away with stealing the watches?" I get the parallel to her stealing a stolen car at the top of the episode, but she's not actually stealing the watches, Neal. You already stole them. She's getting them out of a locker, with your knowledge. I'm a crank today, aren't I? Emma's too smitten to call him out on this though, so it falls to me. Neal's still unsure of this plan. He can't let her risk everything. Emma shushes him by saying, "I love you." Neal looks at her. His voice is low and husky. "I love you, too." When he asks Emma if she thinks he can do it, Emma smiles. "I know I can." Yeah, get some watches out of a locker? I think she's up to that, as she's not a toddler. We jump forward and sideways to...

CGIsland. Emma's perched atop a statue by the doorway. Hook grabs a huge bone and asks if she's ready. She is, so he bangs on a huge shield until the giant roars and marches out to see what's going on. The giant is played by Lost's Jorge Garcia. We never do learn his name, so I have to call him Hurley (and/or Hugo). I also can't be too afraid of him, because Hurley is a love bug (but not in a Herbie way, because that's Emma's stolen-stolen car's job). Hook distracts Hurley and leads him closer to Emma, who doses him with the sleeping powder. When he falls to the ground, I'm a little afraid he's crushed Hook to death, but nope, there he is, still flirting. "I don't mean to upset you, Emma, but I think we make quite the team." Emma refrains from smiling and says, "Let's go steal a compass." Commercial.

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Once Upon a Time




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