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CGIsland. Hook and Emma are bickering. He wants her to trust him. Emma's not that easy, but it doesn't matter because here comes the giant. He's stomping so hard that the whole place shakes. I don't know about you, but I'd expect a giant's castle to be a little sturdier. When Hurley starts to run at the pair, the vibrations are so fierce, part of the ceiling collapses -- right on Hook. Hurley reaches his giant hand toward a terrified Emma and we go to commercial.

Vancouver, Canada. Day. Two months after Emma's arrest, Neal and August meet up at the waterfront. August cautions Neal against reaching out to Emma, but Neal just wants to know that's she okay. August says she'll be fine. She got eleven months in a minimum security facility in Phoenix. Neal's distraught. He should be doing that time, not Emma, but August insists it's good. August is really starting to seem like Emma's curse. She'll be out soon and have a good life. Neal needs to steer clear so she can do what she's meant to do. Neal makes August promise he'll be there for Emma. He takes out a big stack of money. He fenced the watches. "Don't judge me. I'm giving it all to her. And the car. I got a clean VIN number [argh!!!] so it's all legit." August says money isn't what Emma needs to prepare for what's ahead. Neal hands him the cash, and the Bug keys, on the swan keychain. "Can you just see that she gets it?" August: "Sure." Recapper: "Your nose is growing!" Neal: "And one more thing. If anything changes and she does her job, this insanity ends -- and she's free..." August: "I'll send you a postcard." You could spring for a premium Hallmark, August, 'cause we know you're going to take that money. Snarky McBirderson: "Fact."

CGIsland. In a visual that owes as much homage to King Kong as it does to Jack and the Beanstalk, gigantic Hurley holds teeny, tiny CGI Emma in his fist. Emma tries to tell him she's not what he thinks, but Hurley says she's a thief and one who poisoned him. He could not care less that she just needs the compass. As he squeezes her, Emma says she's just trying to save her son. "Don't you have a family?" Um, Emma, were you not listening to Hook about how this guy is the last of his species? Hurley: "No, because humans killed them all." Finally, Emma bites his hand. When he drops her, she makes a run for it. There's more growling, stomping, and crumbling. Emma hops the tripwire and grabs Jack's sword. When Hurley is in the right position, she slashes the tripwire. The giant is caught in his own trap. I hate when that happens.

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Once Upon a Time




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