Once Upon a Time
That Still Small Voice

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Hole Lotta Trouble

In the elevator, Henry apologizes to Archie. "I just wanted to find proof," he says. "I'm sorry, too," Archie says. He confesses that he doesn't think Henry is crazy. "I just think you have a very strong mother who has a very clear idea of the path that she wants you to be on." Archie says Henry's mom gets scared when he steps off that path. Maybe she's afraid he'll end up living in a house with a bunch of strange little men like her last kid. When Henry asks him why he said all those things earlier, Archie says, "I guess I'm not a very good person. I'm not the man I want to be." A jolt shakes the elevator. I thought on first viewing that something going wonky because Archie's becoming self-aware, but it turns out the rescue party is just hoisting the grate off the air shaft above them.

Regina peers down into the air shaft. "What's next?" Graham stands next to her, looking pretty and confused.

In the elevator, Henry tells Archie he thinks Archie can be a good person. After all, he's Jiminy Cricket. Archie points out that Jiminy Cricket was, you know, a cricket. Also, he was a conscience. "I hardly think that's me," he says. Henry: "But before that, he was just a guy who took a long time to figure out what to do." Archie thinks about that for a while and admits that does sound like him. Henry says it's harder for Archie because of the curse. It was harder for him to "hear the voice" inside of him and realized who he wanted to be. The elevator shaft jolts again. Archie gets a determined look.

Up above, Marco is rigging up a winch to lower someone down into the mine. But who's going down? "I've got a harness," Graham says. I'll just bet you do. Ahem. Regina volunteers, but Emma nixes that idea. "He's my son," Regina says. "He's my son, too," Emma says. "You've been sitting behind a desk for ten years; I can do this." Regina doesn't look offended or angry, but scared. She looks like she's going to cry and her eyes are all shiny. She takes a step closer to Emma. "Just bring him to me."

In the elevator, Archie asks again why it's so important to Henry that the fairy tales be real. Henry doesn't have an answer at first, then thinks a bit and says, "Because this can't be all there is." Archie understands. Henry sadly admits he didn't find anything, but Archie disagrees. "I was lost and you found me, right?" They share a candy bar. Henry's all excited because he thinks Archie remembers being Jiminy, but Archie means that he remembers the kind of person he wants to be. Bits of rock fall through the shaft into the elevator. They look up to see Emma descending toward them. Archie lifts Henry up into her arms. The elevator begins to shake. It plummets hundreds of feet to the ground below, but Archie's still there, because by some chance he's managed to use his umbrella handle to latch onto a carabiner hooked to Emma's harness. Everyone smiles and laughs.

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Once Upon a Time




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