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Hole Lotta Trouble

As they're raised up to the surface, the rescue party and assorted onlookers break into applause. Regina beams and gathers Henry up for a hug. Marco hugs Archie. Emma rushes over to check on Henry, but Regina waves her off. "Deputy, you can clear the crowd away." Their momentary truce is over. Emma looks devastated.

Regina leaves Henry long enough to go thank Archie, but he cuts her off. "I'm gonna continue to treat Henry, and I'm gonna do it my own way." Regina reminds him of her earlier threat, but he's got one of his own. If she doesn't leave him alone to do his work, he'll testify against her in any future custody battle over Henry. Even if his intentions are good, it feels icky and hypocritical for "good" guys to use the same methods as the "bad" guys. Besides which, on this side of the fantasy barrier, Regina hasn't done anything to warrant losing her child. With a creepy smile, he says, "So I suggest you leave me alone, and allow me to do my work, and let me do it the way my conscience tells me to." Can I testify against you, Archie? Because you're kind of an ass. I mean, Regina's not an angel or anything, but she's supposed to be bad. You're supposed to be Jiminy Freakin' Cricket! Regina looks pissed, but says nothing as Archie walks away.

His fairytale counterpart has his freedom, along with a side order of guilt. Jiminy looks up at the night sky and fixes his sights on a bright blue star. "I wish..." He squeezes his eyes shut. When he opens them again, the Blue Fairy flits down beside him. "Hear your wish; you don't need to wish it so loudly," she says. Jiminy looks happy, but then she tells him it's not possible for her to bring back the boy's parents. Jim is distraught. "I have to make it right. I would trade my life to make it happen." It comes across like he's not upset that he's responsible for those people's deaths, but that he's responsible for the wrong people's deaths. (I'm counting them as deaths, whether they've technically ceased to live or they've just become trapped in those horrific puppet bodies.) Blue can't grant Jiminy that wish, but she can grant him another. The little boy will face many challenges, she says, and Jiminy can help him. "I can't get away from these people," Jiminy says, casting a glance back at his parents' wagon. "They're my parents... they're who I am." Blue asks, "But if you didn't want to be them, what would you like to be?" He listens to all the crickets chirping and smiles. Blue hears his silent wish. Wish a wave of her wand, she transforms him into the best-dressed cricket you'll ever see. "How do you feel?" she asks. In chirpy cricket language, he answers, "Free." Then a crow swoops down and devours him! But no, because, as Blue says, he'll live as many years as it takes to help the boy. "How will I? I don't even know his name," he chirps. "His name is Geppetto," she says. Jiminy's first task will be to help to boy acquire an Italian accent like Marco.

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Once Upon a Time




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