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Hole Lotta Trouble

For some reason, everyone's still hanging around the old mine. Henry and Emma sit at the edge of the sinkhole, watching Marco and Archie chat in the distance. "Is that Archie's father?" she asks. "No, they're just old friends," Henry says. Emma takes his hand and tells him he scared her. Henry's sorry. As Emma gets up to bring him back to Regina, Henry stops and says, "Hey, listen!" Everyone kind of looks around, not quite sure of what they should be hearing. Then, after a few moments, Archie smiles. "Crickets!" The little leg-rubbers are back. "This are changing," Henry says to Emma. She looks like she's starting to believe it.

To wrap the episode up, we get a peek inside Mr. Gold's pawnshop, where the two hideous puppets sit on a glass counter. Mary Margaret returns to the hospital for the third time that day, this time to place her letter of resignation in the administrator's mailbox. At the mine, everyone's hanging out and having drinks and generally having a good time. Everyone except Regina, that is. She walks over to the grate and, after looking around to make sure no one sees her, she takes out that piece of metal and glass and gives it a long, considering look. Then she drops it down the air shaft. It tumbles down and down through long stretches of rock before landing atop other shards just like it. Is it Snow's coffin? The Queen's mirror? More importantly, can we have more Pongo? Please?

Tippi Blevins now returns to the real world. Your regular recapper will be back next week with tales of her fairytale adventures. Email Tippi at b_tippi@yahoo.com, or find her on Twitter.

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