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Hole Lotta Trouble

Henry stays in the car for about a second before he gets out and waves Archie and Emma over for a hush-hush confab. "This requires all of Operation Cobra - both of you." This is the first Archie has heard about being a part of Operation Cobra. Henry's like, duh, of course you're in it! "You know everything," he says. Except for whether or not he's in Operation Cobra, but whatever. He doesn't want his mother to pave over the area for fear that something is down there. Emma tries to convince him they're just old tunnels, but Henry's adamant. He thinks they collapsed because of her. "You're changing things - you're weakening the curse," he says. "Did you do something different today? Because something made this happen." Emma looks stunned as she reaches for her badge again. Regina comes along and tells Henry again to get to the car. She's pissed at Emma and snits at her to go do her job. Emma's still looking stunned as she sort of staggers away.

Archie tries to leave, too, but Regina calls him back. "We need a new treatment plan for my son," she says. "Everything I do, he thinks is part of some horrible plot!" Well, it kind of is. But Regina seems genuinely distraught and doesn't see how Henry could think so badly of her trying to pave over the mines. Archie tries to stammer out something about Henry's great imagination, but Regina just gets more upset. "You work for me," she reminds him. "You're an employee, and I can fire you." That doesn't sound too bad. Then she threatens him with total ruin. He'll lose his house, his office... "I will cut you down to size until you're a a tiny, shrunken little creature, and this - " Here, she grabs Archie's umbrella. " - will be the only roof over your head." Archie looks like he's going to cry. He doesn't say anything for a minute, giving one the hope that he might stand up for himself and Henry, but it's too early in the episode for that. In the end, he gives in and asks her what she wants him to do. Her treatment plan: "I want you to take that delusion out of my son's head and crush it." She shoves the umbrella at him and stomps off, leaving Archie looking more than a bit rattled.

In the fairy tale world, the traveling puppeteers have arrived at the latest stop on the tour. By now, Jiminy is the same age as his real-world self. His parents take a look around and figures it must have been good year, judging by how fat everyone is. "Maybe we can run the elf tonic scam," Mom says. Dad giggles with delight at the idea, but Jiminy wishes they would just put on the show without the stealing. Despite the fact that he's in his forties, his tone is that of a ten-year-old asking Mommy and Daddy for a favor. His wishes are on the right side of the moral line, but the whining kind of makes it hard to sympathize with him. His parents humorously explain the workings of the economy, which basically boils down to this: Everybody steals from somebody. Jiminy shuffles his feet and fidgets and whimpers, "I wanna quit!" His parents, who have heard him voice this request many times by now, guilt him into staying by reminding him that they're getting old. They run down a litany of their ailments, which include things like achy hips and his mother's mysterious "burning sensations." Perhaps Rumpelstiltskin could whip up a batch of magical Vagisil. "You'd better stay with us - just until we die," they tell him. Jiminy pouts and tugs at his vest in frustration, but does as he's told when his parents tell him to get things set up.

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