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Hole Lotta Trouble

Archie and Henry are just starting to turn a crack to get the elevator moving when Regina gives the command to set off the explosives. Everyone has moved, like, a hundred yards away and have taken cover behind trucks, because they obviously realize how dangerous this is to them, and yet somehow don't realize how dangerous this is to Henry and Archie. What if they're right on the other side of the entrance? What if they get crushed by rocks? What if they get swallowed up by one of those fireballs I keep waiting for? I can accept tiny blue fairies and magic potions, but have a tiny bit of logic on the "real world" side, please. Anyway, the blast sends rocks and dust billowing out from the entrance and drops the elevator to the ground. Sheriff Graham stands around looking pretty. Emma runs through the smoke to the entrance and reports back that it didn't open. "Then what did it do?" asks Graham. The question is so profound that they have to take a commercial break to think about it.

Mary Margaret is back at the hospital, finishing up for the day. After a long preamble about needing physical therapy and the hospital being short-staffed, David asks her to go for a walk with him. She looks flattered, but also like she knows it's a bad idea. So, naturally, she accepts and they take a romantic stroll by the lake. David says he still doesn't remember the place. "It's like I just woke up in some strange land." He doesn't remember anything. "What about when you're with her? You remembered your dog," she says. He confesses he lied about that because he didn't want to disappoint Kathryn. As they walk, he tells her that nothing feels real to him, nothing makes sense. She says it sounds lonely. He stops walking. "Actually, one thing does feel real - you." She peers up at him, surprised. He tells her that she's the only thing in this place that feels right to him. She lights up. Tinkly fairytale romance music plays. They move close together. Before they can kiss, David sees Kathryn walking toward them. He and Mary Margaret part. Kathryn, sensing nothing amiss, offers him a basket of cranberry muffins. Mary Margaret heads away from them, but David practically chases her down. "See you tomorrow?" he asks. She just gives him a noncommittal smile.

Back at the mine, Regina's pissed because their brilliant plan didn't work. She rails at the workers. "You could have killed my son!" Emma calms her down. Marco comes over and says, "If we knew exactly where they were, we could drill down to them." Oh, so now you have a sensible plan. Emma realizes Pongo is barking up a storm and sets him loose. He immediately runs over to a patch of ground and starts snuffling in the leaves. They wipe off a very thin layer of debris and - lo and behold! - there's an air shaft. All that's standing between them and the would-be explorers is a metal grate.

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Once Upon a Time




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