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The Cricket Game

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A Sticky Wicket

Henry gets off the bus and reminds Emma he's big enough to walk home without an escort, but Emma tells him they have to talk. They sit down on a city bench, and the camera zooms out, so we can't hear what Emma is saying as she breaks the (false) news to her boy, but we see them hug, after the deed is done. Watching from her parked car, Regina sees it too, and sobs. We cut to the...

Enchanted Past. Knifingham Palace. Rumpy drops in on Regina. They quibble about whether he's her friend or there to relish in her suffering. He reminds her that today is the day of Snow and Charming's wedding. He didn't get an invitation, either. When he mentions it looks like they'll get their happy ending after all, Regina says that's his fault, since she has no way to harm them in this land. Rumpy reminds her how specific he and this land is. Then he plants the seeds he's been long to sow for so very long. "Now if you were to bring them to another land..." When Regina smiles, Rumpy almost takes on a Cockney accent as he adds, "Told ya I was your friend." After he poofs away, Regina summons her father and orders him to ready her carriage. "I have a wedding to get to." We flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Docks. Hook is sharpening his hook when Cora returns. He asks her if she got everything she wanted. Cora says, "Yes, my daughter's lost everything now." Hook: "Well, aren't you mum of the year." When she claims she did what was needed, Hook is all, blah blah blah your needs. She promised to help him get his revenge on Rumpy. Cora asks if he noticed the gift she left him in the hold of his ship. She leads him aboard the invisible vessel. Down in the hole is ARCHIE! Oh good. Hook asks who he is. Regina explains Archie is privy to the Storybrooke residents' weaknesses, including Rumpy's. He can help them determine Rumpy's weaknesses. A bound and gagged Archie nods, uneasily. Hook wonders, "If that's him, who did you kill?" Cora: "How do I know? It's my first day in town." Hook plays exposition fairy, in case we're having trouble keeping up. "You disguised the body to look like him. If death wasn't punishment enough. Marvelous work." Cora thanks him and says Hook now has all the knowledge he'll need. "It may take some work, but this cricket will chirp." Hooks smiles. "Aye. That he will." Poor Archie sweats it out as we fade to black.

"The Cricket Game" is a fun outing, but is nearly all set-up and no payoff. I am enjoying Snow's new Storybrooke look, and Emma's subtle changes in hair and wardrobe. I'd add more, but I have a dog who is waiting so patiently to go outside, and I like my floors pee free. It's a life goal, so I'll be back Monday morning, with coverage of "The Outsider." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then come on over to the forum, where we've got Hook tied up in the hold.

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