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We cut to Snow, wearing her warrior prince off-whites. She's running through the woods and takes a classic damsel fall when she trips over a rock. I'm deciding she takes the fall on purpose, because a long time ago, Buffy the Vampire Slayer took back the night for me, and Snow is far too fierce and competent to trip like that, right? Right? Regina rides into view and taunts Snow about leaving the battle too soon. Snow rises to her feet and tells Regina she cannot win, so instead, she's offering her parley to discuss the terms of her surrender. Regina is all, "My surrender?" Her terms are simple: Snow's death. It's then that Blue appears and douses Regina with Fairy Dust which temporarily deactivates the Evil Queen's magic. Charming crows about how the kingdom is now theirs and her reign of evil is over. We cut to...

Storybrooke. Night. Granny's Diner. We open on a welcome home sign that I also covered in the recaplet. Wow. Recapper me is hating recapleter me for spilling so much in the recaplet. I'll plagiarize myself here, so if you already read the recaplet, feel free to skip this paragraph, because it's just a revisit of my party complaints. Since the party is at a restaurant, why does one of the guests of honor have to bring food, anyhow? How does that invitation go: "We're having a party in honor of you and your mother's return. What will you be bringing?" Tacky. Of course it seems like only Emma brings something, not the Princess. You might think I'm making much out of nothing, but the welcome home sign tells the tale better than I. It's one of those signs where, various colors of individual capital letters hang from a string. They spell out: WELCOME HOME MARY MARGARET and then underneath, there's small blue rectangle on which and EMMA is written in yellow. Talk about your after-thoughts.

Readers have pointed out that the "WELCOME HOME MARY MARGARET" sign seems to be the same one they used when Mary was cleared of murdering Kathryn, since Kathryn isn't actually dead and all. That may well be so, but I don't care. They could just take off the "MARY MARGARET" part and leave it as a generic welcome home sign. I'm surprised Emma doesn't spend the evening in the bitter booth with Regina, but I'm getting ahead of myself, because Regina hasn't even entered the party yet. Let's start a fresh paragraph.

The Charmings enter the party to cheers, applause and hugs. Emma presents Granny with her contribution (to her own frigging party). "Tacos! I cannot tell you the relief of cooking something I didn't have to kill first." With a wry smile, Granny nods. "Don't I know it. Meat loaf back home was a bitch." I love this line, not only because I love Granny, but because I love it when one of the characters in the current day appreciates the easy of life in our world compared to life in their world. Regina did it earlier in the season when she told Henry that from what she's seen, our world is the fairest of them all. Politics and the news in general have had me pretty down and pretty disgusted. Thanks sweet show, for reminding me of some good things. Next, you should have someone comment on how much better everyone smells in our world.

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