Once Upon a Time
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Enchanted Forest. Snow and Charming's War Room. Jiminy Cricket informs the War Council that Regina cannot be trusted to change. They must dispense justice. When Charming agrees and asks what their options are, Grumpy grumbles, "How about giving me five minutes alone with her and my axe?" He turns toward Blue who is hovering over the round table and asks, "She's still restrained, right?" I don't blame you, Grumpy. Bluster should be fun, not suicidal. Blue confirms Regina's magic is still restrained but will only remain so for a short while. When Granny suggests banning Regina to another realm, Jiminy says it would be unconscionable to subject another realm to her evil. Red agrees. Charming rises to his feet. "Only one this is certain: as long as the Queen lives, the kingdom is in danger." Snow looks up at her true love. "Are you saying..." Charming says, "Yes. We must kill the Queen." After he dismisses the Council with his thanks, Snow wonders if this is the right thing to do. Charming says there's no choice, but Snow disagrees. After all, Charming stopped Snow from killing Regina. Charming did that to save Snow, not Regina. Besides, that would have been an assassination. This is an execution. I'm pretty sure, from Regina's point of view, the technicalities matter not. At any rate, Charming says, "If we don't stop her now, there's no telling what she'll live to do." We flash forward to...

Storybrooke Center. Night. While Red is outside, brining in the diner's "Open" sign, she spies Regina entering Archie's office. Archie is seated at his desk, when there's a knock on the door. Pongo whines and raises his head as Archie opens the door. It's Regina, who is hoping they can talk. When she enters the office, Pongo growls and barks.

Sidebar. We just got a new dog, over Christmas. While my husband Scott always had dogs growing up, it's a first for me and the kids. She's a great little girl, some sort of Black Lab mix. She's a rescue. She and a litter of five newborn pups were found on the side of the road in Mississippi. We don't know anything about her previous owners, but she must have had some, because she's house-trained and knows some basic commands, and is overall too well behaved to have grown up a stray. I'm struggling really hard not to judge her previous owners, because I don't know how she and her babies ended up on the side of the road, but when I think too much about it, I realize what a critical spirit I have. Anyhow, I guess there are a lot of high-kill shelters in the South, so there's now like this big doggie underground railroad. The dogs are rescued by kind-hearted Southerners, who work in cooperation with Southern vets to give them emergency treatment and quarantine them until they're healthy enough (and have been vaccinated, etc.) for transport up north where they're adopted. She's the best dog in the world, in the house. She's madly in love with the most interesting man in the world (aka Scott) and great with the kids, and with me. Outside is like hell for her (or us, or possibly both) though. Don't get me wrong. She loves to go out, but she's ridiculously reactive to both cars and other dogs. We live in leafy suburbia, so there are dogs and cars, everywhere. When she sees another dog (no matter how calm and well behaved) she goes all Cujo on it. I'm getting quite the upper body workout, just holding her back. She's pretty much the same with moving cars. We've going to get her evaluated by a trainer who works with the Rescue we used. I just mention this, because when Pongo starts barking and growling, I am afraid my dog is going to attack my TV, but she's apparently smart enough to not concern herself with televised dogs. Thank goodness. Sorry. Yes, I'm just like a new parent. But really, I'm sitting here in my office. Buffy (that's her name; after being abandoned pregnant, she need the name of a strong woman) is curled up in front of my desk, and she's so cute. I'd rather be playing with her than writing. I hope you understand.

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