Once Upon a Time
The Cricket Game

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A Sticky Wicket

Rising to his feet, Charming shouts out, "Arrows!" The bowmen ready themselves. The guard closest to Regina blindfolds her with a black leather blindfold, no less. Hey, just because she has to wear what amounts to a grey burlap sack, doesn't mean she can't go out with a little bit of style. Charming: "Take your aim." Regina raises her chin. Charming screams, "Fire!" Snow jumps to her feet. "Stop!" but the bowmen have already released the arrows, so it's Blue to the rescue. She flutters in and stops the arrows just inches from Regina's chest. They hand in mid-air then fall to the ground. Charming turns to his beloved and grabs her arm. "Snow?" Snow White looks from Regina to Charming then shakes her head. "This is not the way." When she swoops off, Charming orders his men to return Regina to her cell. With her blindfold off, Regina can't disguise her confusion at first, but by the time she walks past Red and Granny, she's able to pull off a deliciously sick sneer. We flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Sheriff's Office. Emma points out how surprised Regina was to learn of Archie's death. While Charming says they should lock her up, Emma knows Regina didn't do it and refuses to lock her up. She points out that the old Regina would have reduced the building to ashes. She knows the look of a person who wants to change. While she was the Evil Queen in their kingdom, here, she is Regina. Despite her parents' warnings, Emma decides to release Regina and seek out the truth. Commercial.

Enchanted Past. Charming finds Snow in the castle and asks why she wants to show an unrepentant woman mercy. Snow says that Regina's "last words" were less about a lack of repentance and more about a woman who didn't want to appear weak in her final moments. She tells Charming about knowing Regina she was good, and reminds him how Regina once saved her life. Charming says that was years ago. Snow insists that since she changed before, Regina may be capable of changing again. Ethically speaking, I get Snow's point. That said, it's a lot easier to change from good to bad, than it is to change back to good. Ahem. So I hear. Charming argues that they can't risk the safety of the entire kingdom. Snow is not ready to kill her, when perhaps what Regina needs is a good dose of mercy. Charming will go along with Snow but reminds her that just as Snow said about his desire to execute Regina, they can't really "come back" from freeing her, either.

Later, Snow is wandering the courtyard when Rumpy finds her. He chirrups that he was there to get an execution day souvenir. When he lies that he's disappointed Regina lives, Snow refuses to apologize for sparing the Queen's life when there's a chance she might change. When Rumpy finishes chuckling over the idea of a redeemed Regina, he proposes testing Regina. He'll even provide her with the test. Snow wonders if she should trust him since he clearly wants Regina dead. That's because Snow is a leaper to conclusions. Rumpy lies with the truth as he says that perhaps he wants Regina alive (which he does, so that she can curse them all into a land where he might find Baelfire). Rumpy finally convinces Snow to take him up on his deal and we flash forward to...

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