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Hook, Line and Sinker

Sorry isn't enough for Rumpy who lambastes her for letting Bae go. I wonder how much of his anger is self-recrimination. Milah moans that she let her misery cloud her judgment. Rumpy looks her up and down. "Why were you so miserable?" Milah: "Because I never loved you." Rumpy glares at her for a moment, and then shoves his hand into her chest. Jones rushes at them, but Rumpy magically throws him off and ties him to the mast. He pulls out Milah's heart. I miss Graham. Jones yells, "No." The heart glows candy apple red. Jones cuts himself free. A hook falls to the deck. Jones rushes up behind Milah, who leans back on him as she looks at her own heart beating away in the hand of the man she betrayed. Jones lowers her to the deck. She caresses his face, and whispers, "I love you." Rumpy squeezes the heart. Milah gasps her last breath and dies. We watch as the dust that was once her heart spills out of his still clenched fist. He opens his fingers to release it.

Jones' voice is thick. He looks away from Milah's corpse and up at Rumpy. "You may be more powerful now, Demon, but you're no less a coward." Rumpy looks at Jones' clenched left fist and says, "I'll have what I came for, now." Jones says he'll have to kill him, first. Rumpy says that's not in the cards for Jones', unsheathes his sword and slices off Jones' left hand. Jones falls to the deck. There's minimum bloodshed -- just a few drops, really -- which I appreciate, particularly after last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries. Rumpy picks up Jones' hand and tells him he wants him alive, because he wants the pirate to suffer, as he did.

Mustering all his strength, Jones grabs the fallen hook, rises, charges at Rumpy, and plunges the hook into his heart. Rumpy feigns a moan, but says killing him will take more than that. Jones says, "Even demons can be killed. I will find a way." Rumpy says, "Well good luck living long enough," and disappears in a puff of thick, maroon smoke. The hook falls to the deck. Jones bends down and picks it up. Holding it before him, he looks at Milah and then back at the hook.

Storybrooke. Mines. Smee puts Belle in a minecart and handcuffs her to it. He explains about town line amnesia and gives her a flashlight, saying it should help her find the key to the cuffs, which he left at the bottom of the cart. And she's supposed to remember that how, exactly? He wishes her luck and pulls a lever. The cart starts off. Smee ignores Belle's pleas. She fumbles for the key at the bottom of the cart. She finds it, and for a moment I think she's going to save herself, which I would have loved, but then she drops the key to the ground. Suddenly, the cart screeches to a stop and reverses as blue magic pulls it back from whence it came. At the end of her journey, Belle finds Red, Rumpy, and Charming waiting for her. At some point, Mo wanders into view. Red is impressed by Rumpy's power. He opens Belle's cuffs. Charming scoops her out of the cart. Rumpy asks Belle if she's all right and if she remembers who he is. She does, and when she speaks his name, he embraces her, but she gently pushes him off.

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