Once Upon a Time
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Hook, Line and Sinker

As Rumpy starts to leave, Belle calls after him and asks if he's ever had a hamburger, which, of course, he has. Belle nods. "Well, I haven't. But I hear that Granny's makes a great one. Maybe -- maybe we could try it sometime?" Rumpy's eyes glisten as he smiles at her. "I would like that." As Belle watches him leave, we cut to the...

Enchanted Past. We open on a tight shot of a portrait of Baelfire. The camera pans to a table. Rumpy lays Jones' hand upon it and pries open the fingers, but the bean is not in it. Rising to his full height, Rumpy says, "No," turns over the table and shouts, "You tricked me." The portrait wafts to the floor. We cut to a...

Shot of Jones' remaining hand. In addition to wearing silver rings on his thumb and index finger, Jones is holding the magical glycerin suppository bean. He watches as his crew releases Milah's shrouded body to the sea. A still gagged Smee calls to Jones, who instructs his crew to remove the gag. Smee wants his bean. Jones pretty much says it's his ship, so they'll play by his rules. Smee demands something in exchange for the bean. Jones agrees. He'll give Smee his life and the chance to join his crew. Smee would rather have eternal life than a chance to scrub blood off the decks. Jones informs Smee they're about to set sail to a land where none of them will ever grow old -- a place where Jones will discover how to exact his revenge upon Rumpy. Smee is all over that. Jones says, "What's your name, sailor?" Smee says, "William. William Smee." He gestures toward the a nearby pirate who's wearing his trademark cap and asks, "Can I have my hat?" The pirate hands it to Smee who puts it on. Jones: "Mr. Smee, welcome aboard." He holds up the magical glycerin suppository bean and then tosses it into the ocean. It lands with an audible, but invisible splash, but soon opens up a giant whirlpool portal. Jones orders his crew to prepare to set sail and takes the wheel. Smee follows him. "What's the name of the place we're headed, Captain?" Jones picks up a hook and attaches it to the device covering his stump. Apparently, he's already forgotten about twu luv Milah, because his grimace widens into a broad smile. "Neverland!" The ship sails into the whirlpool. We flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Present. Rumpy enters his darkened basement where he has Smee tied to a chair, and I believe his restraints are made of the very same gold cord we saw Rumpy spinning earlier. Rumpy holds up Smee's hat and tells him he found it in the mines. Smee tries to apologize for his part in the Belle-napping, but what Rumpy wants from him is information on his employer. Smee is more than happy to tell Rumpy whatever he wants to know about Mo, so Rumpy clarifies. "Not about Mo. Your Captain. Where is he?" Smee swears he's never seen Hook in Storybrooke. "For some reason, when the curse hit, it didn't take him." Rumpy leans in close and growls, "Then where is he?" Oh Belle, see, it is him, dearie. Always has been. Always will be. We cut to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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