Once Upon a Time
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Hook, Line and Sinker

L'enchantment. It's set later than the earlier scenes, as Rumpy is the Dark One and Bae has already left their world. Rumpy is seated in a tavern when he is approached by William Smee (Chris Gauthier). We don't get confirmation that he's Smee until much later, but his floppy red cap makes it pretty obvious, and I hate having to pretend I haven't already watched an episode. Rumpy menaces that Smee had better make this meeting worth his while, so Smee gets to the point. He's in the business of procuring hard-to-find objects. He understands Rumpy is in search of a magic bean that can transport people between worlds. Rumpy leans in and hisses that he's been told those beans no longer exist in their land. Smee agrees. "Not in this land, no, but the ships that dock here often return from far-off lands with treasures they don't always understand." Smee says it's his job to to understand such things. "As is knowing the rumors of who might pay the highest price for such treasures." When Rumpy asks what rumors he's heard, Smee morphs into the Exposition Fairy. "You were once a great coward, but [...] became the Dark One to protect the--a son who you lost, despite all..."

Rumpy stretches out his hand, and without touching Smee, throttles him with magic. "It's not nice to spread rumors!" A beat. "A bean. Where is it?" Smee chokes out that while he doesn't have it, he swears he can get it. When Rumpy releases his magical grasp on Smee's throat, his victim says, "You haven't heard my price." Rumpy: "I spin straw into gold. Price shouldn't be a problem." Smee reveals he wants not money, but eternal life. Rumpy giggles, then says, "Only the Dark One has life eternal." What he can offer is youth. He'll spin back the clock until Smee is once again a little boy. Smee agrees that's close enough and says, "Deal." Rumpy: "But remember, if you fail to deliver, I spin the clock forward, and turn you into dust." Rising to his feet, Smee mutters his thanks and scurries out.

A waitress (Chelsea Turner) approaches Rumpy and asks if he's sure he doesn't want anything. He's ready to refuse when he notices a man entering the tavern. It's Killian Jones, who greets his crew and asks for a beer. Rumpy looks up at the waitress. "You know, I suddenly find myself quite thirsty." We cut to...

Storybrooke. Granny's. Red brings Belle her third iced tea and jokes about wondering if she should call her a cab. Belle explains she's never had it iced before. "It's delicious." Now I want iced tea. The two get to talking, because Red has never seen Belle, before. When Belle says, "I've been a...kept woman, until recently," Red sits down to get the scoop. Belle admits she might be headed toward a bad breakup, and hasn't managed to find any family in town yet. Red suggests Belle take a room at Granny's, and when talk turns to Belle's need of a job and love of books, Red says, "The library! It's been closed forever, but things are changing now. Maybe they need a librarian." We cut to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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