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Hook, Line and Sinker

Sidebar: Even before we get to the real drama about Belle and Mo, I just need to vent about that exchange up there because it's yet another example of TV Talk. I'm an unabashed fan of this well-done show, but one of my pet peeves about TV is stilted dialogue. Belle should have told Mo that Regina kept her captive for 28 years because I imagine right now, he thinks his girl was with Rumpy all that time. Now perhaps the writers' choice to omit the information was because of time. If so, remove three Rumpy chortles, two pirate taunts, or a curtsy, and you're all caught up. I don't think it was because of time, though. It seems to me it was a conscious choice, to help excuse or at least mitigate the decision Mo will soon make. But that's unnecessary. He has enough history with Rumpy in both L'enchantement and in Storybrooke that it's understandable (if control-freakishly wrong) that he wants to keep his daughter away from Rumpy no matter what. Heck, in this very episode, Rumpy admitted to him that he threw away the "Missing" poster Belle made, in order to find Mo. What father would want his daughter with Rumpy? So please, dear writers, make your characters say what real people would. I understand you don't want to lose the drama of the scene, but here's all it takes: instead of, "He wasn't holding me captive, I chose to be with him," Belle could say, "It was Regina who held me captive. When I was freed, I found Rumpy, first. I chose to stay with him." What Mo will attempt to do is inexcusable, regardless of whether or not he thinks Rumpy had her for 28 years or a few days. That said, his motivation is clear, even when you avoid TV Talk. Please avoid TV Talk. Okay, I'm done venting now.

So yes, Belle admits she fell for Rumpy, but adds that it might be over now. Mo insists it must be. He tries to make her promise she'll no longer love him, and will never see him again. Belle's reaction is nearly violent. She is no longer a child. Lost fans, were you hoping she's utter a John Locke-ian, "Don't tell me what I can't do"? I sure was. Mo tells Belle she doesn't understand about Rumpy. Belle argues that he fails to understand it's her life. Saying he has no choice, he tells Smee to, "Do it." Smee grabs Belle and drags her out of the shop. Mo calls after her, "Goodbye, Belle. I love you."

Out on the street, Charming is talking to a young man. He crosses the road and approaches Rumpy. "Do you remember turning a butcher into a pig?" Rumpy shrugs and says he can't recall. Charming: "Well he does. And apparently it was his father. I'm beginning to understand why nobody wants to help you." Heh. It doesn't matter, as the guy hasn't seen Belle. Charming suggests they go to Granny's and see who else he terrorized. Rumpy changes the subject. He wants to ask a question. "About you and Mary Margaret. How does that work?" After snarking about Rumpy asking him dating advice, Charming tells Rumpy the secret is honesty, honesty and hard work. Nothing taught him the important of honesty more than the curse. Oh, he's still feeling guilty over his David Nolan adultery. We flash back to the...

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