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Man of Science. Man of Faith.
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Hi everyone. Let me welcome you back, because I don't know that I've ever meant it more. Welcome back! I wish I could hug you all, wrap you in soft blankets, and feed you warm chocolate pudding. I wish I could restore power, rebuild your homes, your neighborhoods, and your grieving hearts. To all of you who are struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (including many fine folks at the TWoP home office), please know you're in our prayers, thoughts, and hearts.

People like to talk about all the division in America. It's there, I know, but I truly believe in what's good and true in us, and that is our dedication to one another. If, like me, you escaped much of the horror that swept up our beautiful Eastern Seaboard, I know you know it's time to step up. I know you're doing and will do the right thing. Don't let politics and the media make this feel like it's someone else's problem. A country, at its best, is simply a big family. Let's be at our best. Let's take care of each other.

I've got a job to do, and while I've never thought it was a world changing job -- even in my most delusional moments -- right now, doing it makes me feel particularly vapid and useless. It's hard to bring the fun in, when feeling vapid and useless -- at least for me. That said, I recognize the human hunger for art (not what I do, I mean this beautiful story Kitsis and Horowitz are telling us). I also recognize the need for escape. I'm pretty much an escape addict. A lot of addicts are dealers, so why should I resist the cliche? If I can give you a half an hour in which you can pretend that things are better, maybe that's something, so...here goes nothing.

Previously on Once Upon A Time, Regina takes a grownup Snow to Daniel's grave. He's dead because Cora ripped out his heart. In Storybrooke, Regina lets Henry leave with Grandpa Charming. She wants Henry to be with her, only if he wants to be. She needs to redeem herself. She needs said redemption, because long ago and far away, she allowed Rumpy to manipulate her into using the very magic that she's struggling to quit today. In present day L'enchantement, Emma, Snow, Aurora and Mulan realize Cora killed Lancelot and has been magically impersonating him. They need to return to their Haven. But hark, what fetid souls on Neverland's border beach doth ooze? It is Cora, and Killian Jones, a.k.a. Captain Hook.

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