Once Upon a Time
The Doctor

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Man of Science. Man of Faith.

Regina arrives at Archie's office. She needs help staying off the mojo. When she whines that magic is the way she's always gotten everything, Archie (yeah, I know I said I was going to stick with their storybook names, but I'm not feeling Jiminy today, so Archie it is) points out it's also the way she lost everything. Their session is interrupted by Whale, who barges in, ignores Archie's protests, and demands that Regina send him back to his land -- to his brother. When Regina suggests Whale check the "missing board" for his brother, Whale says the curse only brought over the living, which is our first in-episode cue to his identity.

You all know I stink at pretending I don't know someone's storybook identity, when said identity is going to be revealed later in the episode. Today is no different, so SPOILER: Whale turns out to be Doctor Victor Frankenstein. I read some speculation weeks and weeks ago that tipped me off. It pretended to be unspoiled speculation, but at the time, there was only one thin clue (I'll explain later), so I'm pretty sure the speculator was spoiled but pretending to be unspoiled, so that when his/her fantastical theory proved to be correct, he/she could then pretend to be a genius, or possibly even a prophet. I hate that game. My point is, I smelled the spoilers and tried to keep my yap shut, so I didn't spoil you. I don't think I mentioned Whale=Victor before now. If I did so, either here or on our boards, I apologize. This is exactly why I don't spoil: when I'm in the thick of writing, I sometimes forgot how I know what. Anyhow, Regina's voice drips with insincerity as she offers her condolences for his loss, but claims she can't send anyone anywhere. Whale wonders if she means can't or won't.

Archie orders the doctor out of his office. Once he's again alone with Regina, he calls her out on not being truthful on one fine point. While she let Whale think the curse only brought the living here, Archie knows the grave of her father is in Storybrooke. Regina: "I don't care about Whale or his brother. I brought who I wanted." Wow, she maybe just accidentally told the truth. Archie, probably thinking of his own mostly dead parents, asks, "Anyone else?" Regina's sneer is the only non-answer she's willing to offer. Archie tells her if she wants help, she has to trust him, because stopping magic is much harder than starting. We flash back to...

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Once Upon a Time




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