Once Upon a Time
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Man of Science. Man of Faith.

Morning. Charming brings Henry to the Storybrooke stables. Yes, there are stables now. Both charming fellows miss the womenfolk, but soldier on, they must. Since the boy needs to learn to be a proper knight, he's got to start at the bottom -- mucking out stalls, grooming, and feeding the horses, twice a day. He doesn't even get to ride until the horse tells him he's ready, so I sure hope his horse is a relative of Mr. Ed. Anyhow, this is all about building trust between our wee knight and his noble steed. Charming leaves Henry, and says he'll pick him up, later. The kid asks his steed if he has anything to say for himself. I giggle despite myself, and we cut to the cemetery. Regina approaches the mausoleum. When she descends to Daniel's crypt, she gasps to discover his empty glass coffin. We flash back to the...

Enchanted Past. Rumpy's Estate. There's a pile of straw on the floor, but did you ever notice it is yarn he weaves into gold, not straw -- even though last week, he said he used straw? Me too. I can't decide if this is filming logistics, a continuity error, or a plot point, but anyway it's driving me nuts. Regina watches him spin for a bit, then asks if he's ready to begin their lesson. He says the question is whether she's ready and asks why she's there. She says she's there for power, but he tells her to stop wasting his time. She's done her soul-searching. What's the skinny, Mini? Finally, she admits she wants to bring back the dead. Rumpy mocks her. Dead is dead, and transcending death is even beyond his reach. If that's true, Regina says she is lost. Rumpy snits that if so, she has wasted his time.

Jefferson magically appears and says he thought nothing was beyond Rumpy's reach, then apologizes for intruding. Rumpy insists there's nothing going on there, and pulls Jefferson aside so they can complete their transaction. While she feels a little rejected, Regina still makes sure to listen to the men. Jefferson gives Rumpy a crystal ball, but has to admit that he failed to procure the slippers Rumpy seeks, which he believes have been transported to another land. It's said slippers that Rumpy truly desires. While Jefferson's hat is nifty and all, it only transports between magical realms. Rumpy needs the slippers to get to a land without magic. When Jefferson asks Rumpy if he still wants the crystal ball, Rumpy hesitates, giving Robert Carlyle the opportunity to prove again that timing and delivery are his dual superpowers. He hems, haws, says, "Nnnnn," and then "Yeah." He then instructs Jefferson to help himself to however much gold he deems appropriate. Since there's no haggling over price, and no twisting of terms to suit Rumpy's needs, it's in that second that I'm sure that while Rumpy may well want the (ruby, I'm sure) slippers for their ability to travel even to non-magical realms, this whole scene has been performed for Regina's benefit (and by that, I mean it is a setup -- one that will be to her detriment). As Jefferson helps himself to gold, Rumpy tells Regina she can let herself out. Their work is done. Regina is bereft that he refuses to teach her any longer. Rumpy tells her that as long as she harbors foolish notions of resurrecting the dead and living in the past, she will never find her future. "Teaching you was a waste of time."

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Once Upon a Time




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