Once Upon a Time
The Doctor

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Man of Science. Man of Faith.

Jefferson tells Regina that perhaps she needs to look elsewhere for assistance. He claims he knows the man who can do what she wants. You might say that man is a wizard. Regina wants to know Jefferson's price. He wants a royal passport, so he'll have free rein to traverse her kingdom. Regina: "How would I do that?" Jefferson: "Well, you're the queen, right?" Regina has a d'oh moment and then agrees. She just wants assurance that this wizard can truly bring back someone. Jefferson: "Well, if he can't, no one can." Commercial.

Neverland. Present. Mulan tells Emma that Killian is a blacksmith who came to the Haven a while back, but Emma's spidey sense is tingling. It makes no sense that Cora would leave him alive. Cora has tricked them before, after all. Emma takes the Team Princess lead and interviews Killian about being the only one to escape Cora's attack. He claims he hid under dead bodies, and Cora didn't find him. Emma leans in close to Killian and tells him she's a pretty decent lie detector. I hope he didn't watch Season 1. Killian insists he's telling the truth. Emma's smirk comforts me. There's no way she believes him, right? Mulan says they should leave. Snow adds they need to find a portal. Killian offers to guide them. Emma pulls out a knife, and grabbing Killian's pretty head in one hand, she holds her blade against his throat. "You're not gonna guide us anywhere until you tell us who you really are." We jump sideways to...

Storybrooke. Present. Regina visits the bowels of the hospital. In the dark, she calls out for Dr. Whale. We flash back to the...

Enchanted Past. In a palace -- it's Knifingham, I think, Jefferson and Regina talk about the task at hand. If the Wonderful Wizard of Oz references were a Kansas farm house, I'd be not only merely dead, but really most sincerely dead. Regina: "Where is this wizard. You promised to bring him to me." Jefferson: "Indeed, and off we shall go to see him, but I warn you -- be cautious." Jefferson says he isn't to them, but he's never been to a realm like theirs, and he's unfamiliar to their ways and their magic. Out in the garden, Jefferson makes a great show of presenting Regina to her salvation. It's Whale a.k.a. Victor Frankenstein, who says he prefers to be referred to as Doctor.

Down in vault, Victor marvels at the condition of Daniel's corpse. Regina credits the preservation spell and asks the doctor if he can bring back Daniel. He opens the casket, takes out a scalpel and slices into Daniel's palm. Examining the blood, he proclaims Daniel's condition ideal. When Regina asks how many times he's done this, Victor explains that the procedure is still experimental, but he's optimistic. When Regina asks what kind of charlatan Victor is, he tries to reassure her. He understands the last piece of the puzzle exists in their land. He needs a particularly strong heart. He understands that in her world, there are enchanted hearts that are fortified when they are ripped from the chests of their owners. Regina refuses to use magic for evil, and will not rip out a heart. When Victor asks if he's wasted his time there, Regina admits she knows where to get a heart. We flash forward to...

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Once Upon a Time




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