Once Upon a Time
The Doctor

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Man of Science. Man of Faith.

Storybrooke. Present. Regina finds Dr. Whale down in a basement operating room. Well, first, she finds his disembodied arm. Finally she finds him bleeding out on the floor. She's got no time to nurse him back to health, though. She knows he took Daniel's body and one of her hearts. She demands to know why. When Whale doesn't answer, Regina's face cringes as she says, "Did you bring him back?" Whale stammers out that he did, but, "He's not Daniel. He's a monster." Commercial.

Enchanted Past. Regina's Childhood Home. She shows Jefferson and Victor a fireplace that is far more than it seems. First, they hear the beating of many hearts. Next, the fireplace (with a burning fire) opens up to reveal a stairway. Regina leads the men down to a vault full of hearts. Regina: "My mother was a collector." Jefferson winces as he asks whose hearts are there. Regina has no idea. Cora took so many hearts it's impossible to keep track. "She was a monster." Victor selects a drawer, opens it up, sees an enchanted heart and declares it perfect. We flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Present. Charming finds Regina watching over Whale at the hospital. Regina tries to pretend she doesn't know what's up, but when Charming presses her, she admits that she came to talk to Whale because someone from her past has come back. His name is Daniel. Charming knows the backstory and Snow's involvement. Regina believes Whale has brought Daniel back from the grave, but claims she doesn't know how. When Charming calls b.s., Regina explains about the hearts, and figures Whale took one of hers. Charming is all, "You have hearts here?" Regina is too psychotic to let Charming's horror register. Charming asks whose heart Whale took. Regina, echoing her description of Cora, once upon a time, admits, "I have no idea. I took so many, it was impossible to keep track." She waits a beat then says she needs to go help Daniel.

Charming demands to know where Daniel is, since clearly he's dangerous. Regina doesn't want to come clean, but Charming tells her she has two choices -- tell Charming where to find Daniel, or go to jail. Regina figures that Daniel's awakening may well harken back to Charming's. "I think it's like when you awoke from your coma. He's following his final thoughts to where he last met me. The stables." Charming: "No. Henry. Henry's at the stables." For the first time in this entire scene, an appropriate measure of worry and terror finally registers on Regina's face. She runs after Charming. We cut to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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