Once Upon a Time
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Man of Science. Man of Faith.

Stables. Henry talks to his horse. "Gramps says you'll tell me when I'm ready to ride you. So...any time. Like...soon?" Just then the horse whinnies and rears up. Whatever has upset Henry's horse has the entire stable in an uproar. Before Henry can investigate, his horse kicks him and he falls to the floor. Poor little guy. Since his stall is open, Henry's horse takes off. Henry looks up to see Daniel looming in the doorway. He cringes as the monster looms toward him. Commercial.

Oh look, it's another iteration of Pitt's Chanel No. 5 spot, with different, if no less ridiculous images, and the same insipid script. God bless you, Brad. I hope you give all this money to the Red Cross or some other hurricane relief organization. You'll be better able to sleep. Trust me. Ew. Now it's a bunch of political ads, and I don't even live in a swing state. Call me Abigael Evans, but I never imagined I'd appreciate Pitt's pitch before the break was even over.

Neverland. While Emma interrogates Killian, Mulan ties him to a tree. When he continues to insist he's but a blacksmith, Emma says, "Sure you are," and then lets out a loud whistle. We hear the growling ogres in the distance. As they close in, Team Princess packs up to leave. Finally, Killian speaks. He congratulates the ladies for besting him, adding that he can count the people who have done that on one hand. Hey, I'll do the punning here, thank you very much. Emma's on my side. "Was that supposed to be funny?" He explains that he's Killian Jones a.k.a. Hook. He's pleased Emma has heard from him. With the ogres getting closer, Hook admits that Cora enlisted him to gain their trust, so he can learn everything about Storybrooke. The Mother of All Evil wants no surprises when she gets there. Snow doubts that's possible, since they destroyed the wardrobe.

Hook explains that Cora gathered the ashes, which retain some enchantment. She's going to use them to open up a portal. Mulan thinks they should leave Hook there to pay for all the lives lost. Hook insists they need him alive. They want the same thing Cora does -- to get to Storybrooke. He'll offer them the same deal he offered her. He'll help them, provided he can accompany them. He says that while the ashes will open a portal, to find their land, they need an enchanted compass. Hook will help Team Princess find it before Cora does. Snow wisely says this sounds too good to be true. Hook says they'll find out. Holding her knife to Hook's neck, Emma's voice is hushed and shaky. "You tell me one thing, and whatever you say, I'd better believe it. Why does Captain Hook want to go to Storybrooke?" Hook tells the truth: "To exact revenge on the man who took my hand. Rumplestiltskin." (Sic!) I'm still not sure they're after a compass though. We flash sideways to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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