Once Upon a Time
The Doctor

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Man of Science. Man of Faith.

Storybrooke Stables. Present. Daniel is throttling Henry when Regina and Charming arrive. When Regina shouts out the name of the monster who was once her love, he drops Henry. Charming wastes no time in hustling the boy out and ordering him to go. Henry is suddenly down with letting the adults do the heavy lifting and flies like the wind. While Regina is marveling that Daniel is really there, the monster lumbers toward her. Charming shoves her out of the way and struggles to shut the stall door. Charming wants Regina to cast a spell to subdue Daniel, but she refuses to use magic on him. Charming is ready to shoot Daniel, but Regina begs for the chance to talk to Daniel. She rushes at Charming and screams, then quietly begs for a chance to talk to her fiancé. We flash back to the...

Enchanted Past. Night. It's storming as Jefferson and Regina wait outside a tent. When Victor comes out, Regina hands over the chest containing a heart. Victor thanks her. He already had the heart, when he was down in the vault. Ugh. Whatever. It's been a rough week for everyone. Let's enjoy the good, rather than dwell on nitpicks. Victor insists he must perform the procedure alone, and retreats to his tent. Regina wonders if he's doing magic. Jefferson says that supposedly Victor wields a power greater than magic. Regina wonders why they can't watch. Jefferson covers by saying there's much from Victor's land they can't understand. Clearly this is a set-up. Jefferson confirms this again by telling Regina that if Victor can't achieve what she seeks, "...then Rumplestiltskin (sic) was right. It can't be done."

Inside the tent, Victor holds up the heart above Daniel's corpse. We cut to the outside and watch from Regina's point of view. She can only see shadows within. Lightning strikes. Victor appears to bring down the heart and shove it into Daniel's chest. Jefferson holds on to Regina. Finally, Victor emerges. Regina smiles until Victor apologizes and says he failed. The heart wasn't strong enough and couldn't withstand the procedure. Regina enters the tent and strokes Daniel's forehead. She buttons up his shirt and lays her head on his chest. We flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Regina opens the stable stall. Daniel seems calm as he approaches her, but then turns violent. He throttles her and holds her up against the wall. In choked whispers, she assures him it's her and that she loves him. Since love is the most powerful magic of all, this manages to reach him, at least briefly. His voice and face are normal as he speaks to her, but soon he is once again contorting and is clearly in pain. He begs Regina to stop the pain. When she asks how, Daniel says, "Let me go." At first Regina refuses. She won't lose him again because without him, she is lost. As Daniel's suffering grows, she begs him to come back to her, but he cannot. When she says, "I love you," Daniel groans. "Then love again." He steps back and writhes in pain. Monster overcomes the man. He holds up a hand. Regina's eyes grow wide. She raises her palm to Daniel's. Magic washes over him. Regina's face crumples. She sobs, even as she raises her other hand and causes him to magically dissolve. When he is but dust on the stable floor, Regina cries, "Goodbye, Daniel." Wouldn't it be great if you could do that to every ex who haunts you? Just sayin'... Commercial.

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Once Upon a Time




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