Once Upon a Time
The Evil Queen

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The Drama Queen

Enchanted Forest. Snow says they've stayed too long in one place. There are noises in the woods, and they have to avoid the patrolling Queen's guard. Regina is surprised when Snow arms her with a sword, but of course Snow thinks she's dealing with Wilma. Regina marvels at her good luck as she follows Snow out of their shelter and into the woods. Walking behind Snow, Regina starts to remove the sword from its shaft, and then has second thoughts. Instead, she asks about the Queen's huntsman, and why he didn't tear out Snow's heart. Let's bow our heads in a moment of silence for Graham.

"Wilma" asks Snow if she had the Queen before her now, if she'd kill her. Snow says that she thinks Regina wants to hurt people because she's in constant pain and is always looking for someone to blame. Regina is taken aback when Snow adds that although they lived together, Regina could never see that Snow was on her side. "She wanted revenge more than she wanted love, and I can't imagine living that way. I want to be guided by love, so no. I wouldn't kill her." "Wilma" can't believe people could be that generous or good. Snow disagrees. "I think they are. Even her. She's just afraid to look vulnerable." "Wilma" asks if Snow thinks there's good inside the Queen. Snow says she knows there is. She wishes Regina would give herself a chance to be the good person she once was. She can't believe it's too late for her. "Wilma" asks, "So if she wanted to change, if she wanted to be a family again, if she wanted to be good, would you forgive her for that? Would you let her back in?" Snow says if Regina really meant it, she would love that. "I wouldn't mind a feather bed either, but neither one is happening, so there's no use thinking about it. She wouldn't offer."

"Wilma" says, "Well, sometimes, people can surprise you. By the expression on her face, at first, I think Snow is catching on to Regina's magical disguise. But no. Instead, she's just stumbled upon the open mass grave full of dead villagers who refused to betray Snow to Regina. "Wilma" mutters, "We've gone further than I thought." Snow still doesn't catch on, though. She's too appalled to see how many people have died to help her. "Wilma" takes her arm and says, "You didn't do this." Snow says, "Oh, I know. She did it. I take it back. It is too late for her. I could never forgive her. There is no good in that woman. None. I was wrong. There never was."

"Wilma" says, "What about when she rescued you? The horse?" Foreshadowing the way present-day Snow was able to detect Cora disguised as Lancelot, Snow remembers she never named the person who saved her. "Wilma" claims she read between the lines, but Snow can read between her lies. She draws an arrow and aims it at "Wilma." "It is you. Regina, your dark magic is hiding you somehow, but Regina it is you." Regina admits it is, but claims there is good in her. Snow says, "If this is your idea of good, I want no part of it." Regina again tries to draw on her magical powers. I've seen a lot of criticism of this, but I think it's a nice bit of characterization. Regina has been relying on magic for so long that it's still her first instinct. When her powers fail her, she calls out for Rumpy, but he doesn't appear. Regina lays down her sword, looks Snow in the eye, and runs off. We flash forward to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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