Once Upon a Time
The Evil Queen

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The Drama Queen

Storybrooke Library. When Regina reaches the main floor, she's started to see that Hook hasn't only survived, but has beaten her there. She really needs to leave herself more plausible deniability in her betrayals. They bicker back and forth until Hook reveals that he's been working with Groan and Tamara, who are responsible for saving him from Nazgûl Maleficent. Hook tells Regina the newbies have a way "against" magic. Regina tries to magic herself out of this jam, but she's powerless. When she looks at her impotent hand, Groan tells her that's not going to work anymore, leaving many to wonder how a magic-free Regina operated the elevator during her return trip. Let's just pretend Groan and Tamara have a very scientific anti-magic remote control. Commercial.

Snow's Hovel. Emma and Henry drown their failure with a big shared bowl of ice cream. Henry tells Emma he still believes her about Tamara. Emma tells him he should, since he's right. Henry says, "And when we prove it, we can all go back to the Enchanted Forest." Poor Emma. We cut to the...

Bean field. Charming, Snow and Grumpy arrive at the field, talking about how much help they'll need in rebuilding the kingdom. Upon passing the magical barrier that cloaks the field, they cannot believe their eyes. The crop has been burnt to the ground, or at least killed with magic. Grumpy scowls and turns to Snow. "Nobody steals from a Dwarf." Snow asks, "Who would do this?" I resist the urge to give her a dope slap. We flash back to the...

Enchanted Forest. Rumpy's Estate. When she barges in the front door, he pretends that he thinks she's just a commoner, looking for a job, and says, "Sorry, dearie, do I know you? I already have a maid -- promising girl, actually." Regina has no patience for this and reminds him he was supposed to come change her back. The imp points out that he never promised to answer her call. After some bickering, Regina realizes that Rumpy wants to hear he was right, so she gives him what he wants. "They'll never love me." He agrees and says it's sad but true, then asks what she'll do now. I love how he's the ultimate chess master here. Regina glares at Wilma's reflection in the mirror and says, "Punish them." Having gotten what he wants, Rumpy returns Regina to her powerful, spectacularly tricked-out self. Looking in the mirror, she says, "The Queen is dead. Long live the Evil Queen." We flash forward to the...

Storybrooke Library. Regina realizes Cora's wrist cuff is responsible for her impotent state. Hook tells her Tamara and Groan rigged it with something that blocks her magic. Regina sneers about Groan doing magic on his own, but he declares it "Science." The entire audience screams that in this show, science should not be able to beat magic, and a SCIENCE BRACELET powered by an Inarticulate Explanation The Stupid Audience Should Mistake For Science shouldn't even be able to slow it down. I'm not going to insult your intelligence further by quoting him.

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