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The Evil Queen

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The Drama Queen

Enchanted Forest. Night. Regina leads the Queen's Guard to a village. They force their way into a cabin, but while Snow might have been hiding there once, she's now gone. Regina orders her men to round up the hapless villagers. Queenie lies to them that Snow has betrayed them and poisoned her own father so that she could inherit the throne. Regina goes on and on with a list of trumped up charges and promises a lucrative reward to whoever gives up Snow. Infuriated by their silence, Regina orders her guard to, "Kill them all. No mercy. Find me Snow White." I hope you're not all too young to understand the term broken record because that's exactly what Regina is. We flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Present. Waterfront. An old fisherman (Harold Davies) is dressed in yellow rain gear is sitting on the docks, within hearing distance of Charming and Snow -- so clearly, he is Regina in magical disguise. Charming and Snow are sitting on a park bench, covered with a blanket, sipping cups of what must be cocoa with cinnamon. Snow asks if, when they return to the Enchanted Forest, they'll truly leave Regina behind. "Henry won't like it. She is his mother, despite all the horrors." Charming says, "Mary Margaret, those horrors will continue. Do you want to give her another chance -- because every time we do, she..." Snow says, "She slips. I know." Slips? Slips? Slips is when your daughter promises your grandson she'll never again lie to him, but momentarily falters when he acts a direct question about secret magical beans. Ugh. David suggests that instead of giving Regina another chance, they give her a choice. She can return with them and live out her days in the cell built for Rumpelstiltskin, or she can remain in Storybrooke. Oh yeah, because it's not like she can't turn you all into toads.

Just out of the Charmings' view, the old man rises and is enveloped in pillar of purple smoke. When it clears to reveal Regina, exactly no one is surprised. Looking over her shoulder, Regina says to herself, "Jail cell," then shakes her head. "I don't think so." This is really of little consequence, though. I mean, suppose they had managed to keep the beans and whatnot a secret. How in the world did they expect to survive after presenting Regina with this foolish "choice." We flash back to the...

Enchanted Forest. Knifingham Palace. Regina enters her chamber and calls out for Rumpelstiltskin, but he's already there, warming himself before her fire. She rages about the peasants continuing loyalty to Snow, despite the fact that Regina is their Queen. Rumpy reminds her she did just slaughter an entire village. "Maybe that's why they call you the 'Evil Queen'." As delusional as ever, Regina blahs about how she's not evil. I love this character and adore Lana Parrilla's performance, but am exceedingly sick of flashbacks that revolve around Regina. At this point, they're doing her a disservice. If I seem to short change the flashbacks tonight, that's why; I'm trying not to dwell on it -- on her. Rumpy advises that Snow's people will never love Regina. She insists Snow's death will be the game changer. She wants Rumpy to teach her Cora's shapeshifting spell. Rumpy laughs that it took Cora months to learn. Regina asks Rumpy to put the spell on her. He says if he does that, she won't control it, and will have no magic while the spell is active. Regina says she won't need magic. She just needs to get close enough to Snow to, "...snap her neck with my bare hands."

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