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The Evil Queen

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The Drama Queen

Rumpy agrees to cast the spell and tells Regina that once the deed is done, she should call on him. "Only I can return you to your regal self." Regina asks his price. He labels it a "boring matter of state," and explains, "I need you to cut off all trade with King George's realm." Okay, despite my Regina flashback fatigue, that's rather brilliant plotting. I do love watching Rumpy snap every single piece into place. When Regina asks why she'd do that to King George, Rumpy says, "I need him bankrupt. What's it to you?" Realizing she'll get nowhere with the imp, Regina agrees without hammering out the details and guarantees of the deal. Rumpy does his little jazz hands and Regina is enveloped in a cloud of royal blue smoke.

After the smoke clears, Regina says she feels no different. Aside from her hair and "ghastly rags" she looks no different to me, either. Rumpy points to her mirror and tells her, "This is what the world will see." When we catch sight of Regina's reflection, we see what all the Enchanted Forestians will see when they look at this peasant: actress Bri Neal. A note to those who are reading prior to watching. We only see Bri Neal when Regina looks in a mirror. Lana Parrilla plays Regina-as-peasant throughout the episode. And despite my bellyaching about being tired of Regina-centric flashbacks, I'm glad it's Parrilla in the role. There's some emotional heavy lifting, and I'd feel let down had Lana not gotten to do it. Rumpy warns Regina that when she's out among the people, she might hear some hurtful criticism. Not understanding herself at all, Regina figures that won't matter to her. "When I'm done, they'll be singing my praises over her smoldering, villainous remains." At this point, I find myself thinking my "Drama Queen" headline is as woefully understated as Snow White's comment that Regina, "slips." We flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Day. Exterior. Regina finds Henry feeding the birds, which must be in his blood. She shows him a clipping from a magic beanstalk and says Emma, Snow and David have been growing magic beans in secret and keeping it from him. They want to take him to the Enchanted Forest without Regina. You know I have a soft spot for Henry, but I swear, if he throws a hissy fit about this being yet another of Emma's lies that makes her just as bad as Regina, I'll reach through the screen and yank out his heart myself. I'm happy to report that Henry doesn't go there, so I don't have to. He suggest perhaps everyone's going, and they just haven't told Regina yet.

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