Once Upon a Time
The Evil Queen

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The Drama Queen

Regina says they don't see the good in her. They only see the Evil Queen, which "...they made me." Oh great. My Regina Fatigue, which I last saw in the Enchanted Forest, has somehow managed to find a magic bean, open a portal and ooze over into Storybrooke. At any rate, Regina says she doesn't want to be evil anymore. This is her chance to go back, start over, and to be the hero this time. Henry admits he'd love that. Regina explains that built into the curse is a failsafe. Henry says, "Like a self-destruct button? Like you never did it?" Regina says that's right and it's the next best thing to turning back time. The thing is Storybrooke will disappear forever. "No need to worry, dear. We can get away, first -- back to the Enchanted Forest..." holding up the bean clipping, she adds, "...using this." Everyone else will die, of course, but because she says she has "no other choice," Regina actually expects Henry will understand. Let's put delusional atop "Drama Queen" and "She slips" in my pile of woefully inadequate descriptions.

Regina continues digging her own hole. "As long as there are other people in our lives, you can never fully be mine. You loved me once. With them gone, you'll love me again, and you can see me for what I truly am." Oh lady, I think he just did. When Regina says she'll be a hero, Henry says, "Not if you kill everyone. You're a villain." He really should have added a duh for emphasis. Regina goes on blaming everyone else. Henry rejects her nonsense and asks why she's even telling him this. In her brief shining moment of self-awareness, Regina answers, "Because I don't have anyone else to talk to." I wonder why. Let's ask the one person who loved you more than anything -- your father. Oh, wait. Do ya see where I'm going with this, Queenie? Of course not. Instead, she blathers that everything she's said will come to pass, then, pulling out Cora's grimoire, she opens it and casts a spell to erase their conversation from Henry's mind. Commercial.

Enchanted Past. Bustling village. Disguised as a peasant, Regina is startled to realize people are throwing arrows at her -- the Queen, that is -- in effigy. She reacts exactly as you'd expect, defending their "Queen" and trying to destroy Snow's reputation. When the villagers decide to burn the effigy, Regina grabs a torch and tries to warn them off. It's then that her own Queen's Guard appears. Of course her men don't recognize her magical disguise. The decide Regina is the ringleader, rather than the one trying to stop the demonstration. When they go to arrest her, she insists she is the Queen, and tries to fling them off with magic, which of course she can't access while in peasant form. The guards grab her and drag her off. We flash forward to...

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Once Upon a Time




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