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The Drama Queen

Storybrooke. Mayor's Office. Regina is examining the beanstalk she's growing in a terrarium when Captain Hook enters. Regina is surprised he'd show his face in Storybrooke, considering he failed to kill Gold. Hook says they have bigger problems and tells her about Groan and "some woman" who are trying to enlist Hook to betray Regina. He proposes that he, Regina and Cora team up again instead. I have to hand it to Colin O'Donoghue and the writers here because I have no earthly idea if Tamara has already brought him up to speed on Cora's death, or if he's truly caught off guard by this news but is deft enough at the art of the double-cross that this information doesn't break his stride. Either way, it works for me. And either way, Hook is more than happy and able to use Cora's memory to manipulate the hell out of Regina. Okay, some of the hell. We all know Regina is full of it. She shows him her beanstalk and asks Hook to help her in her plans to escape the total destruction of Storybrooke and start over with Henry. When she asks Hook if she can trust him, he asks if the "total destruction" includes the Crocodile. Regina says that's a big yes. Rumpy will die if Hook helps her. Commercial.

Granny's Diner. As Tamara picks up a takeout order from the counter, Emma enters the diner. She definitely notices Tamara when she's opening the door, so I like to think Emma plans what comes next: she doesn't see (or "doesn't see") Tamara and crashes right into her. Tamara's purse spills and both women apologize. Emma makes small talk as she crouches and helps Tamara pick up her things -- among them a cheat sheet that matches Storybrooke identities to their fairy tale counterparts. The list includes Mary Margaret/Snow, David/Charming, Regina/Queen, Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin (sic), Archie/Jiminy Cricket, Mother Superior/Blue Fairy and Marco/Geppetto. Emma hands the list back to Tamara, and asks how she's doing accepting the fact of Storybrooke. The two commiserate about their unreal reality and then Emma grows more serious. "If the world found out about this place, do you know what that would mean for Henry or for Neal?" Tamara says, "Look, Emma. You don't have to worry. You can trust me." Tamara smiles at Emma, and Emma returns the favor, but her face is tight enough that it's clear her precarious "superpower" has decided to kick in. We cut to...

Snow's Hovel. Emma tells Snow that "Tamara" is the "She" August was trying to warn them about. To back up her claim, Emma mentions the Fairy Tale Identity List, and that she could tell Tamara was lying when she assured Emma she could trust her. Speaking for a jaded audience, Snow reminds Emma that her superpower is hardly reliable, particularly when she's emotional. Snow's motherly condescension is perfect here, maybe even more so because in this instance, she's wrong. Emma says, "For the last time, I don't have feelings for Neal. That was over a decade ago. I'm over it." I don't think that's entirely true, but I do think Emma doesn't know what to make of her feelings for Neal, so she's using her ability to wall herself off for the greater good. Snow looks around to ensure they're alone, then whispers, "Well, that may be, but if you tell Henry that you think his dad's fiancée may be up to something, then Henry's going to think there's a chance his parents could get back together. So keep it to yourself, please, until you know something more."

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