Once Upon a Time
The Evil Queen

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The Drama Queen

Eventually, Regina and Hook arrive in a wide cavern. He wonders why she hid her failsafe trigger in such a dangerous place. Regina said it had to be well hidden and well-guarded by a friend. Oh, Maleficent lives! Regina notes there's a powerful spell that sustains said friend in whatever form she's in. "In fact, Hook, she's the reason why this is a two-man job." Hook asks what he's there to do. Regina says, "I'll get the trigger, and you? You're the distraction." When Hook turns to ask Regina what she's talking about, she pushes him off a cliff (can you have cliffs in caves -- why not). When Hook lands with a thump, black dragon scales float up in the air and assemble themselves not into a dragon, but rather what could be described as Nazg├╗l Maleficent. Commercial.

When banter doesn't work on the Witch-Queen of Agmar Maleficent, Hook tries to remain a moving target until he gets the opportunity to slash at his foe with his hook. This stops her only for a moment. She throws Hook down another level and screeches. We cut to a...

Higher level of the cave/tunnels. Regina finally arrives at Snow's glass coffin. She smashes a pane of glass, reaches inside and pulls out a sachet. Inside is her failsafe trigger. We flash back to the...

Enchanted Forest. Day. Snow tends to peasant Regina's wounds and explains she has a fever, thanks to her wound from a dirty blade. When Regina says, "Snow White," Snow asks the "peasant" what her name is. Regina lies that it's "Wilma" and says her family works in the mills. Snow tells "Wilma" it will be a couple more days 'til she can get up, but they're in a good place with fresh water, healing herbs and poachable royal livestock. Regina says, "You can't do that." Once she remembers she's supposed to be in disguise, she adds, "You were a Princess." Snow says someone from another forest taught her what she knows. I certainly hope it was Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest because his introductory outing was disappointing. When "Wilma" asks why someone on the run would risk her life to help a stranger, Snow says she's going to bathe Wilma's wound and tells her to listen; it will be easier to bear the pain if she's distracted.

As she cares for her mortal enemy in disguise, Snow tells "Wilma" the story of how she first met Regina. The thing to remember is Snow never mentions Regina's name. She just says a total stranger risked her own life to save Snow from her wild horse. Snow adds, "It changed me. My mother always told me to keep goodness in my heart, and this woman proved [my mother] was right." Wilma's eyes shine with emotional tears that Snow mistakes for pain. She assures Snow she's okay and asks her to continue. Snow says that experience taught her there can be a genuine, selfless connection between people -- even strangers. Once "Wilma's" wound is dressed, she asks what happened to Snow's stranger. Snow voice is wistful as she answers, "She gone. But oh, I hope she comes back someday." Regina is visibly touched. We flash forward to...

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Once Upon a Time




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