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The Drama Queen

Granny's B&B. Hallway. As Emma picks the lock to Neal and Tamara's room, Henry airs his fantasy that once they've outed Tamara as evil, Neal and Emma will live happily ever after. Emma says she and Neal are not getting back together, but Henry says, "I mean once he's single, it could happen. Thrown together. Moonlight. Wine." I can't decide if that's adorable or creepy. Emma insists she's suspicious of Tamara for other reasons than the fact that she's engaged to Neal. She looks so uncomfortable that I start to get uptight on her behalf.

Finally, Emma gains access to room 8. Henry starts to follow her in, but he's got to play lookout. Emma shows him how to casually kick or bump into the door because a signal like a whistle would be too obvious.

Shutting herself in the room, Emma starts her search in the closet. Next she moves onto a wardrobe, which would be my guess in a fantasy show, but no luck. Finally, she notices a squeaky floorboard. As she bends down to examine it, we cut to the...

Hallway. Henry's pacing when he hears Neal coming. The boy is a bit too forceful with his warning kick, and frankly, he looks nervous. Neal greets his son and is about to ask him what he's doing there, when Henry gives another obvious kick to the door. Neal says, "Oh Hell, no. I taught her that. Emma!" Ha. Did anyone else have a Veronica Mars flashback? [You learned that from Lilly. --Veronica] [No, Lilly learned that from me. --Logan]

Anyhow, Neal lets himself into his room and smirks at Emma. I can't afford a new TV, so I don't punch his face. Poor Emma has to tell him that she thinks Tamara is the "She" August warned them about. Neal can't believe Emma "roped the kid into this." Emma reminds him she has a "thing with lies." That's probably a more apt way to describe it than a superpower. The writers are working extra hard this week to address this persistent fan complaint, I must say. Neal smirks some more. "You thought you had a thing with lies. I never bought it." Emma won't back down. She tells him about Tamara's Fairy Tale Identity list. Neal says he helped Tamara compile it. C'mon, Neal, like you wouldn't use your dupe to help you dupe that very same dupe.

Emma's real superpower might be controlling her temper as the smug smirker revels in every moment of her discomfort. Even when she cooly asks if she looks like a jealous ex, he nods and grins. Emma keeps on keeping on. "Okay, maybe I'm crazy, but let's find out." She tells him about the floorboard and promises if there's nothing underneath, she'll back off. Neal agrees. After Emma has to ask, Neal helps her lift the floor board. She feels around underneath but finds nothing but the acrid stench of humiliation. To make matters worse, Neal crouches beside her and pukes patronization all over her. "Look, I know Tamara being here is a little awkward..." Emma cuts him off with a, "Don't." After replacing the floor board, she tells Henry it's time to go, and walks out, cringing all the way. Commercial.

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