Once Upon a Time
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

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My Art Is A Lonely Punter

Storybrooke, Woods: A wolf howls as Graham runs through the woods, his face shiny with sweat, but not like sexy sweat, or even athletic sweat -- just sick sweat. When he hears noises coming from the brush, he stops. Mr. Gold appears in view. He's wearing a black apron over his suit, and has his cane in his right hand and a shovel in his left. He claims to be doing a "spot of gardening." Right. In the woods. Is that where you plant the dead babies and pray that they'll turn into a baby tree, so you can make all the deals you want, without middle-women?

Graham is looking for a wolf, but Gold tells him as far as he knows, there are no wolves in Storybrooke. Graham says he saw one in his dreams, and then saw one for real, just a few hours ago. He asks Gold if he's seen anything unusual. Gold looks at his shovel for a moment and then says that he hasn't, although he wishes he could be more helpful. Then he says the most interesting thing, yet. "You know, Sheriff, they say that dreams -- dreams are memories -- memories of another life." Graham: "What do you believe." Gold: "I never rule out anything. Good luck, Sheriff. I do hope you find what you're looking for." Do you?

Enchanted Forest: The Huntsman and his wolf enter an inn. The other patrons have a loud, passive-aggressive conversation about how the Huntsman cries over his kills, smells like wolves and was raised by them, to boot. One asshat approaches and asks flat out -- what kind of man cries over an animal. The Huntsman: "An honorable one." Asshat: "What do you know about honor?" Huntsman: "I have it. They have it. You don't." He goes on about how animals are pure of heart, rather than selfish and self-serving like people. The wolf growls at Asshat. Asshat tells the Huntsman, "You tell him, stop threatening me, 'cause you know what I do to pets that threaten me?" He draws out a dagger and adds, "I hang 'em on my wall." The Huntsman rises to his feet and stabs Asshat. "He's not a pet." Another patron comes at the Huntsman. People scream. The Huntsman knocks him out. A third guy goes to take on the Huntsman, but then changes his mind. The Huntsman considers his own reflection in a shard of broken glass and we jump to...

Knifingham Palace: Queenie must have watched this all play out on the Magic Mirror. She purrs that the Huntsman is perfect. "Bring him to me." No. No. Bring him to me.

Storybrooke: Graham continues to run through the forest. Finally he happens upon the wolf, who all but wags his tail at him. Graham yells, "What do you want." The wolf whines and starts to walk away. Graham whistles and calls him back. The wolf finally approaches. Graham reaches down and pats his head. The flashbacks come again. Enchanted Forest. Snow White holding two apples. A dagger. A carving of two trees on the lintel of a crypt. Graham snaps out of it and looks around, but the wolf is gone.

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Once Upon a Time




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