Once Upon a Time
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

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My Art Is A Lonely Punter

Storybrooke School: When the bell rings, and the children leave the classroom, Graham asks Mary Margaret if they can talk and says he thinks they know each other. Mary: "Of course we do." Graham: "No, no, no. Not from here. Not from Storybrooke." Mary: "From where, then?" Graham: "Another life." Commercial.

Enchanted Forest, Knifingham Palace: Now Queenie is in full deep, rich red velvet, with a black lace bodice and waist. She asks the Huntsman if he has a name or if she should just call him "The Huntsman." When he doesn't answer, she comments on how tortured he is, just because his parents abandoned him to the wolves. Huntsman: "Those were my parents. All they did was give birth to me. The wolves are my family." Queenie thinks this is hot. She blathers on about wolves and sheep, and says he's definitely a wolf. She tells him she wants him to kill for her. In exchange, she'll give him a place on her court. Huntsman: "I'm not interested in being a pet. This place is a cage." Queenie wants someone without compassion -- someone who will have no qualms about carving a heart out and bringing it back for her collection. And, we'll later learn she's being literal. The Huntsman will do it, if she outlaws the hunting of wolves. "They're to be left alone. They're to be protected."

Storybrooke School: Graham asks Mary Margaret how long they've known each other and when they met. She can't remember, of course, so he points out he can't remember how he met anyone. She says, "That's just life. Things get hazy." He then asks if he ever hurt her. She tells him of course not and asks what's going on. He wants to know if she believes in other lives. Mary: "You mean like heaven?" Graham: "I mean like past lives." Mary: "You've been talking to Henry." I swear there was a line about reincarnation in here. Maybe my brain subbed it in for heaven. When Graham doesn't get the Henry-connection, Mary explains about the book and Henry's theory that they're all characters from the book -- that they're all originally from another land and have forgotten their true idenities. Mary: "Which of course makes no sense." Graham pays lip service to the denial. Mary notices how rough he looks and tells him he's burning up. He should go get some sleep. I agree. He is hot and should go to bed, right now. What?

Enchanted Forest: The Huntsman walks Snow White through the woods. She thinks they're going to the "Summer Palace" which can't be Knifingham, right? When she offers the Huntsman one of her apples, he refuses. He can't really look her in the eye. Snow then takes a good look at him, realizes he isn't a knight, and that Queenie must have hired him to kill her. Huntsman: "You have good instincts." Snow: "And you have too much armor." Using a branch, she whacks him to the ground and runs off.

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Once Upon a Time




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