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Previously on Once Upon A Time, Hook travels to Manhattan, and with his poison laced hook, he stabs Rumpelstiltskin in the chest. Baelfire says he can pilot the Jolly Roger back to Storybrooke. Snow overhears Regina and Cora's plans to find the Dark One's dagger. Cora, disguised as the Blue Fairy, gives wee Snow White a magical Life-for-a-Life candle. Cora crows over Queen Eva's corpse. Adult Snow accuses Cora of killing her mother. Cora admits she did, in order to make Regina queen. And...

Now on Once Upon A Time, we open in the Enchanted Past, as we so often do, and that really ticks me off for only one reason. I like to do the Previously to Now, juxtaposition, but the Now always ends up being a Then, if you see what I mean. Why won't the show cater to my peculiarities?

In the Enchanted Past, we meet youngish Cora (Rose McGowan), who is the Miller's Daughter we've been so long expecting. Her drunken father is passed out on their wagon full of flour that should have already been delivered. Cora upbraids him, throws his cup and pushes the wagon all the way to a...

Random Kingdom. The young version of Snow White's mother, Eva, is played by Eva Allan, which I'm spelling out, because my mother (who is nothing if not quick on her feet) didn't realize until we talked who the young princess was supposed to be. I don't blame her, because we just met Eva last week, and she was sweet, kind and fair (and played by Rena Sofer), and this week, she's a spoiled brat who trips Cora for no given reason. I already complained about this at length in the recaplet (and understand it will likely be explained in the future, but I don't care) so I'm letting that go now. Really. To add insult to injury, when Cora falls, the sacks of flour she was lugging spill open, and then King Xavier (Joaquim de Almeida) tells Cora she won't be paid for the flour this, and makes her apologize, on her knees, to Eva.

Apparently, Eva is an honored guest from the Northern Kingdom, which I only mention because it's great to have even the tiniest morsel of kingdom differentiation in the Fairy Tale flashbacks. Cora is unbelievably (and I mean that -- I can't buy it) rude to Eva and to the King, but I already complained about that in the recaplet, too. Bah. I hate recaplet-writing me. So yes, the apple that is Regina didn't fall far from Mother Tree. Cora chooses to become a murderous, vengeful wretch because of this small incident. I'm already emotionally disengaged from this character and we're about two minutes in. That doesn't bode well for the rest of McGowan's scenes. Title card (featuring a spinning wheel).

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