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For Whom The Belle Tolls
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Storybrooke. Night. Rumpy drives Smee out to the town line. Smee's not riding shotgun in the Caddy, though; he's bound and gagged in the trunk of the car. I really wish we Americans used boot, the way the Brits do. I'd do it here, but I suspect I already use too many Briticisms. I'm always afraid my recaps sound affected, like when when Madonna forgot she was born in Michigan. Anyhow, enough about me and Madge. Once Smee is out on the road, Rumpy removes his prisoner's gag. Smee begs not to be shoved over the border. Oh great, now I have Madonna's "Borderline" running through my head. Let's start a new paragraph so I can clear my head.

Rumpy chides Smee for being more than willing to steal Belle's memories from her, then canes him, causing the pirate to fall to the ground. Swiping Smee's trademark red knit cap, Rumpy remarks that Smee has had it for as long as he can remember. It's important to Smee because his grandmother made it for him; it's his good luck charm. Satisfied with his answer, Rumpy douses the hat with a potion and says the hat's importance to Smee is his only chance.

When Rumpy puts the hat back on Smee, Smee wonders what "only chance" Rumpy is talking about. Rumpy clears up his victim's confusion by pushing him over the town line. Whatever the potion is, it works because Smee remembers who he is, and remembers the Dark One as well. Pronouncing the experiment a success, Rumpy grabs Smee and orders him to go. As Smee runs down the dark road, Rumpy says to no one in particular, "I have a trip to plan." How great is Robert Carlyle, that he can make this character so very sympathetic, even when he's being a callous bastard? I know he doesn't do it alone. He's working with great material, but like Lana Parrilla, Carlyle elevates the strong characterization given him by the Once writers. Title card.

Day. Cemetery. Snow eulogizes her friend Archie and loyal subject Jiminy, whose headstone reads, "Archibald Hopper Friend & Conscience." At first, I find it curious that they're burying him under his Storybrooke name, but later, after thinking on it (and seeing the end of this episode) I suppose it's wise of the Storybrookers to avoid leaving public records of their original identities -- especially those literally carved in stone. Only a small crowd is gathered graveside. There's Snow, Charming, Emma and Henry, who is holding Pongo's leash. Pongo is crying, which would break my heart, except it's fairly clear it's only a sound effect, since the dog is relaxed and looking around. Granny and Red are there too, as are Blue, Belle and the Dwarfs (possibly minus Sneezy). And finally, there's Marco/Geppetto.

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