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For Whom The Belle Tolls

We cut to Mary's hovel. Henry is drawing up new plans for the apartment, in case David and Mary move out. Oh, so wait. Earlier, when I said I think Snow meant for them all to move together, I must have been wrong. Anyhow, he's allowing room for an armory, so they can stash weapons to protect themselves against Regina. Emma says Regina won't hurt him; she won't let her. Henry: "She hurt Archie. What if she wants to take me back?" Emma insists that won't happen. Just then there's a knock at the door. Pongo barks and starts whining at the door. When Emma opens it to find Archie, she is five miles past shock. She asks what happened. Archie says, "It was Cora. She kidnapped me." I feel like Emma should doubt this a little, but alas, it is not to be. Henry runs to Archie, who scoops the boy up in a big hug and assures him everything is all right.

Emma turns to Henry. "We were wrong. Regina didn't do it." Henry says, "I knew it." I've seen a lot of criticism that this is shoddy dialogue because just seconds ago, Henry was drawing up home blueprints that include an arsenal. I disagree. I think Henry can mean both things. He didn't believe in his heart that Regina would kill Archie, but when confronted with the evidence, he accepted it as fact, and started planning (in a kid way) accordingly. At any rate, he tells Emma, "Maybe we should let [Regina] know." Emma agrees, but she looks to Archie and says, "Something tells me either way, we're going to pay the price." We cut to the...

Town line. It's night, now. Rumpy drives Belle to the line in his Caddy. I'm annoyed about a bunch of stuff that happens here, so I'm going to gloss over his grateful small talk that focuses on the fact that Belle found the shawl for him, and that she's never given up on him. Belle blahs about how when you find something worth fighting for, you never give up. What makes her think he's worth fighting for is beyond me. We flash back to...

Yamaguchi Land. Phillip and Belle find Mulan reading one of Belle's books. She actually smiles when she realizes Belle is alive, but maybe that's because she's gotten an eyeful of Phillip. They explain how Phillip was the Yamaguchi, but he's all better now. Belle must take her leave -- she has another beast to face, so Phillip will get Mulan the help she needs. Once the two are alone, Mulan gives Phillip the most fetching smile.

On her own, Belle and her magnificent cleavage hike to the top of a hill. Looking out at the valley below, Belle says, "I'm coming back, Rumple." Regina appears and purrs, "Isn't that sweet? Still fighting for true love, even to the bitter end." When Belle asks Regina how she found her, Regina says, "You really should be nicer to your traveling companions." Yeah, I mean hey, they didn't rape you. They just kicked you out of the wagon in the middle of nowhere and later waterboarded you in a well. What gall. What nerve. Be a good, compliant girl, Belle, and be nice to the menfolk. Gag. Belle realizes Blowhard and Claude (a hunter whose name I failed to mention) are with Regina. Regina orders her guards to take Belle to the tower. Belle struggles against the guard, but resistance, she is futile in all the realms. Belle insists she can save Rumpy and break his curse. Regina says Bell has already tried and failed. "That monster's beyond saving. I'm sparing you a lifetime of pain and misery. Now locked in the wagon, Belle warns Regina she can't keep the apart forever. "I'll fight for him. I'll never stop fighting for him." We flash forward to the...

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