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For Whom The Belle Tolls

When Belle explains that the book will help her learn how to defeat the Yamaguchi, I wonder if it was written by Tonya Harding (yes, I know, Kerrigan not Yamaguchi, just go with it), Blowhard grabs the book. Since it's not written in Moron, he thinks the book is full of scribbles. Belle says she knows how to translate it, but then tries to back off from the claim. Blowhard blows harder and orders her to share the information she's gleaned from the book. Once Belle says they'll find the Yamaguchi by the lake, Blowhard kicks her off the wagon. Belle asks the party to wait, but Blowhard can only be bothered to throw her the book. Did that bastard keep that gorgeous satchel? As the wagon rounds the bend in the road, Belle smiles and tells them to enjoy the lake, then opens her book and begins to read. "The Yaoguai prefers mountain habitats to all others..." We cut to...

Yamaguchi Lair. Exterior. Belle is still reading aloud to herself about the Yamaguchi, which seems to be nocturnal. She closes her book, looks toward the lair and whispers, "Please be asleep." Belle creeps forward and cringes when she steps on a twig, but she doesn't nearly as hard or long as the audience does when we realize our smart girl is hunting a fierce beast armed with little more than a tiny dagger.

The beat roars. Belle runs for cover. The Yamaguchi emerges from its lair. It's head is surrounded by flame. Belle stumbles. The Yamaguchi is hot on her trail. Up on the hill, Mulan takes aim and fires an arrow at the Yamaguchi. She misses but does startle away the beast and helps Belle to her feet.

This is one of the first times I'm glad to see Mulan, but that doesn't last long. When Belle is effusive in her gratitude to Mulan, Mulan remains gruff and rude. "You ruined my hunt. It took me weeks to track the Yaoguai here." Belle picks up her book and says it only took her a day. Mulan assumes Belle has luck on her side, but Belle gives credit to her beloved book, and offers to help Mulan find the beast again. Mulan sneers because that what she does best. "You've done enough damage already. If you really want to help, stay out of my way." Still, Belle looks more intrigued than offended as she watches Mulan stalk off through the forest. We flash forward to...

Storybrooke Library. Belle is still hiding in the elevator when Rumpy finds her. She rushes into his arms and Rumpy assures her she now has nothing to fear. We cut to...

Snow's Hovel. Henry is isolating on Snow's bed. Emma brings him a Pop-Tart, but Henry refuses. In the recaplet, I noted that if one of my kids refused a mom-approved Pop-Tart, I'd whip them off to the doctor's office, which isn't much of an exaggeration but someone, somewhere (maybe on our boards) noted that Henry has good reason to avoid any kind of tart. Well played, poster. Well played.

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