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Really, what's going on here is that Henry is depressed. Emma knows this but leaves the goodie next to her boy and returns to the mourners. As Snow tries to encourage Emma, Grumpy ask the ladies when they can return to the Enchanted Forest and their homes. Snow is surprised, and Emma points out how hard they fought to return to Storybrooke. Grumpy says that considering what "Regina" did to "Archie," Storybrooke isn't as safe as they thought. In order to set up next week's episode, he notes that the curse is broken. "There's a whole world full of people beyond the town line who don't know who or what we are. Ever think of what would happen if one of them were to pay us a visit?" Red agrees. She's worried about an outsider seeing magic (or seeing her transform into a wolf). Arms folded across his chest, Grumpy tells Snow, "...While we might enjoy things like penicillin, we're a bit homesick." My friend, Janessa, makes a crude comment about Grumpy and penicillin which I won't repeat here, but shame on her! Snow's face falls as she considers her faithful companion's words (or perhaps his need for penicillin).

Sidebar: Grumpy makes an excellent point about outsiders, which is great. What's annoying is that he also highlights a Storybrooke mythology complication -- one I've studiously tried to ignore. It seems as though we are supposed to believe (and granted, I could be wrong in my assumptions, but just based on what we know so far, Grumpy's comment and the upcoming episode) that before baby Henry, and then Emma, no one from the outside had ever entered Storybrooke. Since then the only other person who has entered town is August. If so (and I hope it's not, and that I'm worrying for nothing), that's stupid. I can accept that no outsiders stayed in town, but it seems to me that someone delivered baby Henry there (unless Regina was able to leave).

Sidebar continued. Baby Henry aside, there had to be some delivery trucks passing through, or cargo ships docking and unloading in the harbor, just for the town to function at a minimum level. It's not like they're leading self-sustaining agrarian lives. I mean how did they get food for all those years? I could accept that before Emma arrived, the Storybrookers were so enchanted that they didn't even need to eat, if it weren't for the fact that Henry must have eaten. It's not like they're all locavores because I'm pretty sure I've seen Henry -- in Storybrooke -- with a commercially produced Apollo bar. There are Apollo bars in the world outside Storybrooke, so it's not a town-based commodity. We saw Neal pocket some. Sure, there could be a factory in town somewhere, but where did they get the chocolate? Cocoa is hardly native to Maine. The Storybrookers drive cars, so they're getting gasoline from somewhere. They're in frigging Maine, so they're sure as hell heating their houses with something (and not just wood). For a long time, I ignored fan complaints about these issues because I was trying to be reasonable and assume that there were deliveries, by outsiders, but that the spell kept them from being interested in Storybrooke. That's harder to do, now these people are talking like there hasn't even been minimal contact with outsiders. I know that wasn't stated explicitly, but it sure feels like it.

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