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For Whom The Belle Tolls

Anyhow, we cut to downtown. Gold is returning to his shop. He has many objects that can help him ensure the pirate never again comes near Belle. Belle wants to report it to the sheriff and begs Rumpy to remember that his quest to find Bae is paramount. He mustn't let his hatred of Hook distract him. Belle wonders what is behind the animosity between Rumpy and Hook. When Rumpy tries to pull the don't worry your pretty little head thing on Belle, she reminds him that it is her concern, as she was attacked. Rumpy relents in part and tells Belle that Hook took Milah, so Rumpy took Hook's hand. When Belle asks what happened to Milah, Rumpy just shakes his head because he can hardly confess he killed his own wife. The most he can give Belle is a lame, "She died. That's all that matters." Run, Belle, Run. She doesn't listen. Instead, she follows Rumpy into the shop, which has been ransacked. The shawl is gone.

Up on a rooftop, Hook is using his handy spyglass to watch Rumpy. Smee delivers Bae's shawl to Hook and asks what it is. Taking it, Hook says, "It's the end of the crocodile's hope. Now he's trapped here." Commercial.

Sidebar. Some fans have taken issue with the fact that Hook knew enough to get Smee to take this tattered old shawl. I don't. First of all, he is working with Cora. I have no trouble believing that, off-screen, while Hook has been using his spyglass and Smee to gather more information, Cora has been lurking and finding out even more. To top that off, the beginning of this episode strongly indicates that Archie probably gave up some information to Hook. What Hook originally wanted was the Dark One's dagger, but depending how much Archie knows, it's possible he knows Rumpy saved the shawl all these years.

After the break, Rumpy flies into a rage and ruins some of his stuff Smee failed to wreck. Belle tries to calm him down and offers to help. Rumpy scoffs at the idea that she can be of any use. Incensed, Belle says she's not going to sit there and do nothing. Rumpy orders her to return to the library, lock herself in and wait for him to handle Hook. Belle wonders if he'll cast a spell to force her, should she refuse. Rumpy takes offense and insists he trusts her to do as he asks, just as she trusts him to be a better man. He gives Belle a gun, and tells her if Hook is stupid enough to come after her again, she should aim at him and pull the trigger. "The gun will do the rest for you. All right? All right?" Wow, I am still really uncomfortable mentioning guns. That's all I'm going to say about that. Before Rumpy leaves, Belle ask Rumpy to promise that his going after Hook is only about retrieving the shawl. Rumpy grimaces and walks out. We flash back to...

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Once Upon a Time




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