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Because of my name, I have Cinderella issues, so I've already written a full disclaimer applying to this episode, which you can read in the recaplet. I'm now obsessing about something else. Because I covered Lost (and because I cut my teeth on The Chronicles of Narnia), I have a thing for time travel, eternity, parallel universes, the supernatural and magic. I'm no expert, but it's stuff I think about, a lot (even when it comes to my own understanding of the world).

I usually like to jump straight into the story, but this week, I'd like to offer some analysis first. It's easy to write off Once Upon A Time as wholesome fluff, but while there is plenty of that to go around, it's a pretty think-y show, if you're into that. I know not everyone is, so if you just want the story, please feel free to page ahead. I'll make it clear when the actual recapping begins. If you want to dig down deeper, follow me.

ANALYSIS: Although I don't get to spend much time reading about Once Upon A Time, I've noticed certain events in "The Price of Gold" have inspired/reignited discussion about how the denizens of Storybrooke have spent the past 28 years, and how they've accepted/ignored Henry aging, when none of the rest of them do. I've also noticed a lot of back and forth about the Enchanted Forest/the fairy tale world, versus "the real world." You can bet your dainty glass slipper I have opinions and theories. And sure, I state them as facts, but I'm all disclaimer-ed out this week. Here goes...

The most important thing to remember when sussing out Once Upon A Time is that, within the confines of Once Upon A Time, the Enchanted Forest is the real world. I am spelling that out, even though the concept is old hat to some of you, because Once Upon A Time is a new hit show, on a major network, and some audience members (and perhaps some of my readers) aren't your typical TWoP Sci-Fi or Fantasy genre buffs.

Storybrooke, Maine is nothing but a magical construct. What does that mean for Boston, Phoenix and other locations mentioned on/used in this show? Nothing. Boston, Phoenix and wherever else may and probably do exist in their own universe, but they matter little, unless and until there is interaction between Storybrooke and those other places. Most people in Storybrooke cannot leave. If they try to, bad things happen. And Emma aside, so far, it seems most people from Boston, Phoenix, or wherever don't go to Storybrooke. (If/when that changes, I reserve the right to refine and revise these opinions and theories.)

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