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Emma drives off in search of Ashley. Before she gets too far, Henry pops up from his hiding place in the back of her car (it must take magic to hide in a VW Bug) and reminds Emma that Ashley can't leave town. "Bad things happen to anyone that does." Emma doesn't have time to argue about the curse. She wants to take Henry home, but he convinces her there's no time for that.

Enchanted Forest: Grumpy leads Thomas, Ella and Charming down to a dungeon-y place. They exposit about how Rumpy, who cannot resist making a deal, is the most dangerous man in all the realms, and that they've converted a mine to serve as a special prison for this most special of prisoners they hope to ensnare. It's the cell in which Rumpy was stuck, during the pilot, by the by. Grumpy says, "I hope you like it. A lot of dwarf blood went into it." Ew. I skipped some exposition, though, so let me fix that. Team Princess has sent one of Snow's bluebirds with a message to Rumpy to arrange a meeting. "We're going to tell him Doc heard something with his stethoscope..."

I'll interrupt myself here to acknowledge that detail. Because we (the audience) think of fairy tales as our folklore, we think of them as being set back in Medieval times, or whatever long ago and far away period you'd like. If/that Doc has a stethoscope, is not some glaring anachronism. Remember, the Enchanted Forest is its own universe, so to speak. It doesn't have to have to share our history of scientific discovery or anything else. Just because the characters dress in ways that see old-timey to us, doesn't mean they're not (in the context of this show) contemporary. I think the text backs me up here, because the Enchanted Forestians sound modern when they speak. Okay? Okay.

So anyhow, Team Princess will propose a new deal where Rumpy can get both twins, but it's all a ruse. The Blue Fairy has cast a spell on a red quill. If Ella gets Rumpy to use that quill to sign the new contract, he will be frozen and his magic will be made impotent. To give her her due, Ella is trying to learn from her mistakes and points out that this magic may well have a price. Thomas says, "I will pay it. I will do whatever is needed to save you and our child." Bye-bye, Tommy. Can you say FORESHADOWING? Looking at the prison cell, Ella finally agrees with Charming and Thomas. "Okay. Let's get him."

Storybrooke: Emma and Henry find Ruby's car in a ditch, right at the town line. Ashley is sitting on the grass, in labor. Commercial. Ashley wants Emma to take her to Boston, but Emma says that since Ashley is in labor, they can't spare the four hours. On their way to Storybrooke hospital, Emma lectures Ashley. If she really wants to keep her kid, she has to be ready. When Emma confesses she wasn't ready when she had her baby, Henry takes it all in. Emma stresses to Ashley: "Your whole life is going to change, and once you decide that [this baby] is yours, this running away can't happen. You have to grow up. You can't ever leave. Understand?" Ashley understands. "Yes. I want my baby."

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