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The Price Of Gold

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Enchanted Forest, Garden, Night: Rumpy meets up with Ella. She proposes the altered bargain, complete with the lie that she's expecting twins. I can't decide if I like the "good guys" outright lying to get out of Rumpy's deal. Anyhow, Ella says she'll give both babies to him, provided he agrees to a new contract in which he will fix the problems in Thomas's kingdom (poverty, poor soil, dead crops, yada yada). Ella says she can always have more children, but she can't make the land fertile.

Deal-making is Rumpy's fatal flaw, so he leaps at the chance, "If what you say is true..." Ella assures him it is, and hands him the quill. Rumpy coos over it for a moment and then he warns Ella. "You know the only way to stop me is through magic." Ella says she isn't trying to. He reminds her all magic comes with a price. "If you were to use it to...say...imprison me, your debt to me would only grow, and we wouldn't want that, now, would we?" Oh, Ella. Run! She doesn't listen. She tells him to sign the contract, already. Rumpy: "Are you sure you're happy with this new arrangement?" Ella holds up the scroll. Rumpy giggles. "Then so it shall be." As soon as he signs, the contract falls to the ground and Rumpy is frozen in a blue, green and purple force field. Ella shouts for Thomas. As Team Princess arrives, Rumpy tells Ella, "No one breaks deals with me, dearie. No one. No matter where you are -- no matter what land you find yourself in, I assure you, I will have your baby."

Hospital Waiting Room: Henry points out that Emma is different. "You're the only one who can leave Storybrooke." She points out that he left to find her. Henry reminds her he wasn't leaving permanently. He's just a kid. What else would he do but come home. "You're the savior. You can do whatever you want. You can go." He obviously took to heart Emma's conversation with Ashley. The doctor comes out and announces Ashley has given birth to a six pound baby girl. Gold shows up and thanks Emma for getting him back his "merchandise."

Enchanted Forest: Team Princess loads Rumpy into a cart. Ella confesses how afraid she was that she'd have to return to her terrible life without Thomas. He tells her as long as he's alive, she will never go back to that life. They kiss. He asks how their little "Alexandra" is as he caresses her belly. Suddenly, Ella goes into labor. She feels dizzy. Thomas tells her to sit and runs off to get her some water. He finds a well a ways off. As he's raising the bucket, there's a noise in the woods. We cut to Ella whose discomfort has passed. She calls out to Thomas to tell him it's okay, but he doesn't answer. There's a whoosh. Ella calls out for her Prince again, but there's no response. When she gets to the well, all she finds is his cape.

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