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Hospital: Sean shows up and asks Ashley, "Is that her?" No, you tool. It's another, random baby. He's brought her an apology and wee little shoes for the baby (nice touch, Show). Ashley says, "You're back." Sean says he is. They kiss and that's it. I throw up again. But then I think back to my long analysis about how this world isn't real. One of the things that prompted it was all the talk about how Ashley has been pregnant for 28 years. There were no 28 years. There was a timeless span, and then time started when Emma agreed to stay in Storybrooke for a week. I have to remember my own rules. Sean isn't Sean, he's Thomas. Ashley isn't Ashley. She's Ella. Thomas never went deadbeat daddy on his child. In fact, he sacrificed himself to pay whatever price necessary to save her. I decide I threw up for nothing. I hate when that happens.

Emma's leaning against her car as she dials her phone. The Sheriff answers the call. Emma says, "I was thinking, maybe some roots wouldn't be so bad. Is that deputy job still open?" Graham says, "Absolutely." Emma: "Then I'm in. Is Regina gonna be okay with this?" Graham: "I don't care. That's my department. I'll see you Monday morning." Emma smiles as she hangs up and then looks up to watch Henry as he walks around his room. We cut to...

The Mystery Lover Bedroom: Graham is there, nekkid, getting his socks out from under the bed, just like his lover Regina reminded him too. Ha! You know, during the pilot, my assumption was that Graham was Regina's lover, but that vibe was less obvious in the second and third episode. So, while I am not surprised that Graham and Regina have been hitting the sheets, I do find it a delightfully messy detail. And? He's totally the Huntsman, right? I mean, he's gotta be.

The show is taking a week off, so we'll be back after the episode on Sunday, November 27th. In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the forum, where red quills are not allowed.

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