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Another Possible Henry Problem: It is possible that what we have heard/learned about Henry is false, too. Yes, Mr. Gold says he got Henry for Regina, and either he or Sidney says Emma gave birth in Phoenix. Yes, Regina says she changed Henry's every diaper and soothed his every fever. But for all we know, the curse created that backstory when it turned Rumpelstiltskin into Mr. Gold. After all, it has been implied on screen that while Henry is Emma's biological son, he may also be the reincarnation of the father Queenie sacrificed to get her new, false life. Of course, his name could just be an homage. I'd be ready to believe that if not for the Phoenix legend. I think I'll save that stuff for another time though, because if I go there, I will create a whole Emma problem, and while Ockham doesn't exactly say, "Keep it simple, stupid," that's what I'm inclined to do for now, when I consider...

The Emma Problem: Here's what we know for sure about Emma Swan's life (because we've seen it happen). Rumpelstiltskin tells Snow and Charming that their baby can be their savior from the Dark Curse. The Blue Fairy tells the Snow and Charming monarchy and roundtable that there's an enchanted tree that can protect only one. Geppetto fashions this tree into a wardrobe (or what have you). The intention is to stash pregnant Snow White in the wardrobe, thus protecting her unborn child and their savior, but Snow gives birth before the curse hits the land. Charming stashes the baby (who is wrapped in a monogrammed blanket) in the wardrobe. When Queenie's dark knights open the wardrobe, the baby is gone. When Emma celebrates what she believes is her 28th birthday, a boy arrives at her door and tells her he is her biological son. She believes she had a son and gave him up for adoption, and allows the boy to convince her to drive him to Storybrooke, Maine.

Occam's Emma: For now, it is best to accept that Emma's expressed backstory is as real and happened to her every bit as much as what we have seen happen on screen. We know what happened in Once Upon A Time's real world (i.e. the Enchanted Forest, where Snow gave birth to Emma and wrapped her in a blanket with an Emma monogram; Charming stashed her in the wardrobe; the wardrobe served as a portal to another world). We have been told that the wardrobe's magic transported Emma to another world, in which she grew up in the foster system, gave birth to a baby boy at 18, gave her son up for adoption to someone with connections to Mr. Gold in the baby broker business. It is safe to assume that, because of her Enchanted Forestian lineage, Emma is able to travel from the world in which she grew up, to the magical construct that is Storybrooke. Lost fans will understand my temptation to get really out there, and suggest that much of Emma's Boston/Phoenix/Tallahassee backstory is a magical construct too, created not by the curse, but rather by the magical wooden wardrobe, but that over-complicates things, even for me, at least for now.

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