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The Price Of Gold

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Downtown Storybrooke: Henry's trailing Emma, begging to help with the missing Ashley case. He won't take no for an answer. When Emma tells him she's just trying to be responsible, Henry says, "And I'm just trying to spend time with you," and lets himself in her car. Emma: "Oh! That is really not fair." Heh.

Enchanted Forest: Princess-bride Ella watches the fireworks from the balcony of the palace she now shares with her new husband Prince Thomas. She can't believe the fireworks she watched as a girl are now going off in honor of their wedding. Inside at the wedding ball, Snow and Charming greet the newlyweds. Snow is wearing gloves, and it's not clear if she and Charming have tied the knot, yet. Ella's new father-in-law dances with her and says he hopes their family will soon grow even more, hint-hint nudge-nudge. When Ella goes back to dancing with Thomas, Snow cuts in and dances with Ella and I just could watch this scene over and over for the pretty sight of these happy, dancing princesses, but then the dialogue ruins it. Snow: "Do you realize what an inspiration you are to everyone?" WHAT? To her credit, Ella agrees with me. "All I did was get married." Snow: "All you did -- was show that anyone can change her life." Um, by making a deal with an evil imp over the ashes (real or presumed) of her likely-dead fairy godmother, and marrying her way out? Way to make Ella look like a gold-digger, Show. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Rumpy finds Ella and asks her if she's happy with her end of the bargain. A spooked Ella asks what his price is -- jewels, or her ring. Rumpy doesn't traffic in bobbles. He wants something he knows is coming. "Your first born." Commercial.

Time seems to have passed. Prince Thomas catches Ella trying to run away. She tells him she's pregnant and explains how she really got to the ball at which they met. "It wasn't my fairy godmother that sent me. It was Rumpelstiltskin. I made a deal with him for this life. I was stupid. I didn't understand the price of magic, so I promised him something. [...] He tricked me. I thought that he would want our gold or jewels." When Thomas asks what Rumpy really wants, Ella rubs her tummy. Thomas: "Our baby?" Ella cries that she's sorry. "And now I'm going to lose it all -- my life, you..." As she sits, she looks down at her tummy, or possibly the carpet. I don't know. I'm so disengaged from her right now, I suspect I'm being hyper-critical. Anyhow, Thomas says, "Magic may have brought us together, but it didn't create this love." That's seriously awesome. He tells her they'll strike a new deal.

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