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Enchanted Past. While Snow is still puzzling out which star to wish on, "Blue" appears, but I don't feel like pretending we don't already know she's Cora, magicked up to look like Blue. Snow is surprised to see Clue, if you will. Clue says she knows when she's needed and why. Clue claims fairy magic cannot save the Queen, but dark magic can. Swearing the young girl to secrecy, Clue poofs up enchanted candle. If Snow burns it for her mother, it will save her life, but all magic comes with a price, dearies. Clue says in order for Eva to live, someone must die in her place. Snow must hold the candle over the heart of the sacrifice of her choosing and whisper the person's name. When the candle is lit, the victim's life will be traded for Eva's. While Snow may be young, her heart is true. Knowing how much stock Eva has put in raising her daughter to be good, the tearful Snow refuses to sacrifice a life to save her mother. Clue says, "Well, then I'm afraid she will die." Commercial.

Manhattan. I really wish I had telescoped these Manhattan scenes. Neal texts someone in hopes of borrowing a car to get his father to his ship. When Emma asks him about knowing Hook, Neal says, "It's a long story. Short version? This world wasn't my first stop when I left home. [...] If it was, I'd be a couple of hundred years old by now." Poor Emma's eyerolling is interrupted by Henry who tells her she's gotten a must-read text from David and Mary Margaret. After Emma reads it, she turns to Gold and tells him the bad news that Cora is after his dagger. He may be dying from fictional poison, but that doesn't mean Rumpy has lost his swagger. He's all, "Let Cora try." Emma tries to persuade him to tell her the location of the dagger so Snow and Charming can hide it. Gold: "That dagger hasn't left my possession for centuries. It's not about to now." Emma sits next to him and reminds him he's dying, so right now, they're his best hope. It's time for him to start trusting someone. "If I were you, I'd start with family."

Some fans are cringing at the idea of a guy a couple of hundred years old hooking up with 17-year-old Emma. I can't waste time on that. If/since Nealfire spent time in Neverland, he wouldn't have aged, but he also wouldn't have matured. You don't grow up in Neverland. You don't grow at all. No I don't know why Baelfire was transported to Neverland, when the Blue Fairy told him the bean would take him to a world without magic. I'm sure the show will explain that in time, so I'm not going to pick on a story I haven't yet been told. It could simply come down to the fact that Rumpy let go of Bae which would make him a Lost Boy. Lost Boys are whisked off to Neverland. Sheesh, people. Crack a book. In one sense, I am hoping Bae isn't Peter Pan, but the cast is already so big, I think I'll get over it if he is. Reviewing that "Lost Boys" Wikipedia entry I linked to, I think I'd like Bae to be Tootles, although given his past (as Neal) with Emma, it might be satisfying if he turns out to be Slightly Soiled.

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