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The Queen is Dead

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Storybrooke. Present. Regina's Office. Regina realizes that Cora even engineered her rescue of Snow. But does Regina do the reasonable thing, and let her realization spark the realization that Snow has never been her enemy and bears no responsibility for Daniel's death? Of course not. At least not as far as we can tell, but I have to allow that Regina might be faking out her mother, here. I keep returning to her line in her earlier (Storybrooke) conversation with Snow, in which she asks what if she is good. That's probably wishful thinking though, so I'm trying not to get hung up on it. Anyhow, Cora asks if this knowledge changes anything for Regina. Regina says, "You won, mother. I am the Queen. If that's what you wanted so badly, why do you need Rumpelstiltskin's dagger, now?"

Cora says, "You're worried that my interests are no longer aligned with yours." No longer? As if they ever were. Regina keeps a cooler head and softly says all she wants now is Henry. Cora assures her she will have him. Regina wonders how that's possible. Since everyone will know they have the dagger, they can't use it to make Gold kill Snow, David and Emma, without Henry figuring it out. Cora tells Regina to have patience. "By the time Rumpelstiltskin returns, Emma Swan and the rest of them will be nothing but a vaguely unpleasant memory, and Henry will be yours." I shiver despite myself, because I can't help but think her words could be parsed as though Henry will be Regina's vaguely unpleasant memory, rather than her son. As if to stoke my fear, Cora strokes the dagger, which does not escape Regina's notice. I can't help but root for Regina (in her dealings with Cora, otherwise I'm team Emma+Henry), regardless of her sins. We cut to...

Manhattan. I have no idea why Emma is accompanying Neal to pick up the car, except that it is convenient. Contrivance Fairy, "You're welcome." No way, CF. I am not playing along. It makes no sense to me that she'd leave Henry alone with Gold. Even if she doesn't suspect Gold would hurt the kid, she should be concerned that Gold might croak, while her little boy is all alone with him. I love Emma, but at some point, I have to stop cutting her slack just because she's new to motherhood. While Henry is no infant, Emma is still a new mother. New mothers tend to be more cautious, not less. There's some talk between the two about Neal's surprising willingness to save Gold, but while he can't let him die, he doesn't think forgiveness is in the cards. Emma thinks that somewhere inside, Neal hopes that will change. Oh Emma, now you're the one who is being transfer-y.

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