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Besides all their blather, the real point of Emma going along with Neal is that as soon as they reach the car, he remembers he's been wanting to tell her something. Before he can get the words out, they're approached by a beautiful woman (Sonequa Martin-Green). She got worried once she talked to him. "You can't just say you're leaving town for a while." Neal promises her that everything is fine. When Emma wants to get this show on the road, the woman introduces herself as Tamara. Emma says, "I'm Emma," and forces a smile. When she looks at Neal, he adds, "She's my fiancée." Emma blinks twice, then forces another smile in Tamara's direction. Oh Emma. I can't even deal with this right now. We cut to...

Storybrooke. Kneeling by Johanna's grave, which lies in the shadow of the Mills' mausoleum, Snow plants a Snow Drop plant. When she rises to her feet, David tells her the service was beautiful. I hope this means that more people than David and Snow were present. When Snow bemoans the loss of the innocent Johanna, David tells her not to blame herself. She did the best she could in an impossible situation. Spotting Regina's mausoleum only makes Snow more bitter. "I've followed the same rule my entire life: hold onto goodness. It's what my mother taught me. How many more lives is following that lesson going to take away from me?"

Charming says, "You can't let Cora make you lose faith in who you are -- someone who does the right thing. You know, that's exactly what she wants." Some people like to paint Charming as a dim bulb, but he's figured out Cora's plan in a jiffy. Snow lists all her right decisions: stopping Regina's execution; sending Emma through the wardrobe, alone; letting Eva die. Charming reminds her, "And we keep beating them." Snow: "At what cost? All I want is our happy ending. It's time. We've earned it. No more lives lost. No more hearts broken."

Charming tells Snow the dagger is useless until Gold returns, so they have time to get it back and bring the Evil Regals to justice. I don't know how he thinks that's possible. I mean, even if they didn't have the dagger, they'd be pretty hard to try and imprison. Snow doesn't care about justice, anyhow. "We keep thinking that people will change. What if that's wrong? What if I'm the one who has to change?" Not liking the sound of this any more than I do, Charming asks, "Change how?" Looking off at nothing in particular, Snow replies, "I'm going to kill Cora." Dun dun dun!

Well, that's about it. One thing I wanted to mention is that the people in our forums are wondering if Cora has the real dagger, or just a decoy. One moment I hate that speculation, the next moment, I'm all over it, so instead, I'll just ask what you think?

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