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Happy Birthday

Note to the Costume Department: I love pink but I hate that pink. Still, I realize that's a matter of personal taste, so I'll let it go. While I'm not big on being all matchy-matchy, some level of color coordination -- one which manages not to nauseate me -- would be appreciated. You costumers are often the show's unsung stars. Since you were dressing Rena Sofer in that deep red, tonight's outing was not the best time to switch it up from Snow's trademark white. And if there's a characterization issue in play -- if Snow hasn't yet chosen her signature color -- perhaps a navy blue would have been a better choice. Love and kisses, Me.

Note to Kitsis and Horowitz: Please don't give us an episode full of flashbacks explaining why Snow White often chooses to wear white. We get it. I swear.

Note to Self: You've already twice doomed yourself in this recap and you haven't even covered the first scene. Get to work, idiot.

Queen Eva (Rena Sofer, who serves as further proof that Casting is practicing the Dark Arts, particularly when it comes to Snow White) is giving the staff instructions for wee Snow's birthday ball, when the young princess presents herself for her mother's inspection. Being the Anti-Cora, Eva ignores Snow's obnoxious pink gown and focuses on the girl inside: "You are an absolute vision..."

When Snow and Eva enter Eva's chamber, they catch their servant Johanna (Downton Abbey's Lesley Nicol) trying on an heirloom tiara. Startled and embarrassed, Johanna tries to stammer out an apology, but she's interrupted by Snow, who is all, "Servants don't wear crowns," and other age-appropriate snittery (is too a word). Quick as you please, Eva puts the kibosh on that. "I thought I raised you better than that, Snow. It doesn't matter whether one is a servant or royalty. Everyone in the kingdom deserves our love and respect." Snow: "But she took my tiara!" Eva: "She apologized. And it isn't yours, yet." When Johanna tries to intervene on Snow's behalf, Eva praises the woman's kindness, but reminds her that Snow must learn. Amen to that, sister.

Sidebar. I've read a lot of criticism of this scene -- that certainly by wee Snow's age, she would have already learned this lesson. As a parent of three adolescents, I beg to differ. All three of my kids were practically perfect until they were about this age. This is exactly when that royal attitude exerts itself (even among peasants). Squelch it, Eva. Squelch it dead!

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