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The Queen is Dead

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When the Evil Regals have no luck finding the dagger, they wonder if Hook lied to them about the dagger's location. I'm surprised they don't suspect that Gold planted that decoy map. I certainly hope he did because it would excuse him for that whole map Dewey-Decimal hiding spot nonsense. Because she's a fictional villain, Cora can't help but restate their entire evil plan. She insists she'll find the dagger, and once she does, they can use the dagger to force Gold to kill anyone Regina wants dead. Contrivance Fairy: "Did you see me flitting above Snow's head, waiting for my thank you that never came? I really thought Eva raised her better than that." Hey, I hear ya, CF, but you shouldn't be surprised. She opens gifts before cards. "Well, I never!" Oh you so would, if the script called for it. "It's my gift."

Snow arrives at the Sheriff's Office to find David unconscious. I love how on TV, when someone is unconscious, all it takes is someone to call out their name and they immediately wake up. It's like magic. I mean, if Snow didn't show up for another five hours, would David still be lying there in a puddle of his own drool? David tells Snow that Hook knocked him out. When he sees the still open desk drawer, he quickly figures the pirate was retrieving his hook and is after Mr. Gold. Snow interrupts him because they have bigger problems since Regina is working with Cora to get the Dark One's dagger. David and Snow share the Exposition Fairy's wand: the dagger controls Rumpy. With it, Cora can either force Rumpy to do her bidding or become the Dark One herself. David suggests calling Emma so she can alert Gold to the Evil Regals' quest, but Snow already sent a text. She says they have to bide time until Emma and Gold either call them back or return. Snow knows Regina doesn't trust Cora, so she decides to work on her. Commercial.

Manhattan. Day. Since Charming was making Snow pancakes back in Storybrooke, I guess we're to assume that Henry, Emma and Gold stayed the night somewhere in the Big Apple. I can't imagine Emma willingly stayed at Neal's, but she can't make all that much as Storybrooke Sheriff, so I sure hope Gold is footing the bill. Neal and Henry bond as they lead the group through the city streets. Henry already knows New York's reputation for pizza and assumes his dad is going to be a typical New York Pizza Snob. Despite Neal's joke that the best pizza ever is in the Kingdom of Damarian, on the North Shore of the Dragon Fields of Zorn, the boy's not wrong. Neal leads him to a place called Arco Di Trionfo for a slice. I know triumph arches are a Roman thing, but I so strongly associate this restaurant's name with Paris's Arc de Triomphe that I waste ten minutes trying to decide if this is some sort of clue. I hate so much about what I choose to be.

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