Once Upon a Time
The Queen is Dead

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While Neal and Henry head inside for a slice, Gold and Emma hang back and commiserate about how they're not welcome. Gold says, "It's a sad truth that the people closest to us are the ones capable of causing us the most pain. That's our common ground, Miss Swan." Emma is still in self-recrimination mode and knows her lying caught up with her. Gold tells her to give it time and Henry will forgive her. When Emma wonders if he's projecting his own hopes, Gold admits he needs Emma to speak to Neal for him. He wants her to convince his son to return to Storybrooke. Emma's already paid up her favor, but Gold tells her she'll do it for Henry. If the kid took off for Boston to find her, what's to stop him from hopping a bus for New York to be with Neal. Emma figures that even if Henry does that, Neal will eventually let him down and the kid will learn that Emma lied to protect him.

Gold may not have his dagger with him, but that doesn't keep him from twisting the knife. "Someone's beginning to sound a lot like Regina. I think the real reason you lied was to protect yourself [...] from getting hurt again. [...] You want a second chance with that man." Hold the phone! She'd better not, at least not unless and until Neal makes some deadly serious amends. Emma is with me, I hope. Shut up. I'm pretending she's with me because she asks, "What makes you think that?" Gold's smile is wry. "The look on your face." Punch him, Emma. Punch him in the kisser! She doesn't listen. Instead, she starts to tell him he has no idea what he's talking about, but when Gold starts backing up, she catches on that Neal and Henry must be exiting the shop and stops. Neal wants to know what they're talking about, but Henry, bless his heart, saves her from having to answer and says, "Emma, Neal wanted to show me the museum. Do you think we can go back to the apartment and get my camera?" Emma says that's fine and asks her boy if he likes New York Pizza. Henry says, "Yeah. It's delicious, cheesy and doesn't lie." Oh, Emma, I am biting my lip and feeling your pain. You know, Bill Clinton moved most of his Foundation offices from Harlem to the Financial District. Maybe you could pop in there, while the Traitor takes your son to the museum, and he can teach you how to convince Henry to forgive you. We cut to...

Storybrooke. Granny's Diner. Regina joins Snow at a booth and asks about Henry. Snow assures her the boy is fine, but admits she hasn't actually talked to him. Her real reason for meeting with Regina is to tell her she knows she's working with Cora and looking for the dagger. Regina is all MYOB, but Snow tells her war is on the horizon. When Regina allows that much is true, Snow says Regina has earned enough good will (how -- I have no clue), so she is giving her one last chance to choose the right side -- the side of good. Regina says, "Have you ever considered that maybe, perhaps, I am good?" Oh honey, that's your rejoinder? You had her father killed, sent her on the run and then once she finally regained her rightful place, married her true love and started a family, you cursed your entire land, brought them to Maine and made them forget their identities for 28 years.

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